Laptop Care [Sci]

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Laptop Care

As a whole class, click through the following slides to learn about how to care for your laptop.

G6 Laptop Care

The three biggest threats to student laptop (in order) are:

  1. Broken screens
  2. Liquid spills
  3. Broken screen hinge

Most damage incidents are preventable.

Project - Design a laptop safety or rules poster

Create a poster using either Google Slides (easy) or Pages (advanced) on your laptop to teach other middle school students about laptop care.

Pick ONE topic from the the Laptop Care slides. Here are some suggestions:

  • Always carry your laptop safely.
  • Always zip your laptop case completely before you leave class.
  • Keep your laptop away from liquids and food.
  • Store your laptop in your locker safely.
  • Don't crowd your laptop in your backpack.

Before you begin designing, look at the posters below. These posters look good because the creator followed a set of graphic design rules.

G6 Poster Design Tips
  1. Begin designing on paper
  2. Only use photos you have permission to use
  3. Limit number of photos
  4. Cut photos from background
  5. Use consistent colors
  6. Only use two fonts
  7. Shapes are fun
  8. No paragraphs

Now decide if you want to use Google Slides (the easy option) or Apple's Pages (more advanced features).


Need photos.

  1. You can use any of these photos taken by Ms. Dowd. (Give Ms. Dowd credit!)
  2. Or search Google for images that a free to use for non-commercial use

New to Pages? Spend some time looking at these 'how to' resources:

Share Your Learning

Once you have completed your poster you will need to submit it to your Homebase class

  1. Adjust the 'View' settings of your app so you can see your entire poster on screen.
  2. Take a screenshot of your finished poster. (Command-Shift-4 and then draw a box around your poster. This will create a screenshot saved on your desktop.)
  3. Rename the screenshot file (find it on the Desktop) of your poster to "Laptop Care Poster - your name"
  4. Open Google Classroom and click into your HB Advisory class.
  5. Open the assignment called "Boot Camp - Laptop Care [Sci]"
  6. Submit your poster screenshot file. Click Add > File and drag the image file into the box and click Upload. Turn-In.

IMPORTANT - Make sure you click 'Turn In' and then also confirm by clicking 'Turn In' again.