Information Literacy [ELA]

"Be a Google Ninja!"

The Internet and Search

Anyone can type a search term into Google search and immediately have thousands, if not millions of results. Most people never go beyond the first page of search results, so how do you know those are the best sources for what you're researching? What tips or tricks can you use to find exactly what you're looking for without wasting time? Welcome to the Google Ninja Academy! After today's lesson, you will be on your way to becoming a Google search expert.

Bootcamp 2018 Google Search & Advanced Google Search for students

At your table group, read through the "Better searches, Better results" infographic.

  • How many of the advanced internet searches did you know about before today?
  • How many do you actually use? What new technique may you use?

Show your learning

  1. Click this link to a Web Scavenger Hunt document. Make a copy.
  2. Record the time and start working your way through "The Case of the Missing Laptop", using information found on the web to answer the questions and help solve Mr. Norton's dilemma. Record the end time.
  3. Open your Google Classroom HB Advisory class. Find the assignment 'Boot Camp - Web Scavenger Hunt [ELA]' and open it.
  4. Submit your Web Scavenger Hunt doc . Click the 'Add' > 'Drive' and navigate to your file. Turn In!

IMPORTANT - Make sure you click 'Turn In' and then also confirm by clicking 'Turn In' again.

Image Searching - Pro Tips

Check out this video for a pro tip on searching for images.

Put your learning to the test!

Are you a Google Search Ninja yet? try this new challenge.

Search Challenge

Now the ultimate test...

It's Time to Print

How to Print

You do not have to collect the print job. It will expire in 24 hours and even send you an email reminder before it expires.

However, check the print icon in your doc when you hit print. Does the job disappear? If it says "hold for authentication" then you have put in your password wrong and you need to remove it and try again.