Since its early beginnings in the 1800s, Singapore has been a hub that brought people from all around the world together. This tradition of collaboration and discussion has continued and prospered to this day. While the conversations of the past may be quite different from the dialogues of today, the importance is even more significant given the collective pressing needs for our planet. Singapore is known as a global leader in new technology, innovation, and ideas, to provide an excellent backdrop for addressing the future needs of our world. As young adults, it is up to us to take a stand and make global change, which is the nature of our symposium theme: oriGIN. After all, Singapore can serve as the starting point for new initiatives as students will learn the Global Issues Network motto to “think global and act local.” Our speakers will share their origins regarding a variety of subjects including social issues, sustainability, and education with the delegates through keynotes and panel discussions. By interacting with experts, students can begin to create their own path and mark their origin.

At the Singapore American School GIN Symposium in May 2019, we plan to bring students from all over Singapore to share their efforts and learn from each other to address global issues facing modern society.

During our symposium, we will be bringing in world-class speakers and panelists to share their work and experiences combatting global issues. Students will get a chance to learn from these inspirational figures and apply their learning to combat global issues in their own lives.

Whether you are a school group or individual student, we would love for you to join us this May. Please fill out the registration form on the registration page if you would like attend our symposium. For more information, please find details above or contact us via our email or Facebook page.

A place where global citizenry is championed by today’s youth - we think global and act local.