Session P3 W2


Dynamic Stretching

Burgener Barbell Warm up

Perform 3 sets of 5 repetitions of Tempo Front Squats with an empty bar. Use a tempo of @33x1, which means a 3 second decline, followed by a 3 second pause in the hole, explode to the top of the movement with fully opened hips, then a one second pause at the top.


Perform 4 sets of 5 repetitions of Tempo Front Squats. Perform these with a tempo of @31X3; a 3 second decline, 1 second in the bottom, explode out of the hole, then a 3 second hold at the top of the movement. You will be able to lift much less weight than you usually are able to during a normal front squat.


Set a timer with 15 minutes and find one heavy Clean in that time period.


Perform 1 Clean and 2 Front Squats every 45s for 12 minutes at 50% of the top weight you successfully cleaned in the Power portion of today's workout. This should be a HEAVY effort, particularly after minute 9.