Power Week 1

This strength and conditioning program has been written for the high school aged athlete with a desire to become both stronger and more powerful. The warm-up activities, exercises, and mobility work is designed to help an athlete with generating more power for athletic endeavors, with an emphasis on core-to-extremity movement. An emphasis on squatting, deadlifting and pressing overhead with added accessory exercises is based on the idea that the SAS student athlete needs the ability to express their hips and shoulders to generate power and improved performance in all sport and athletic endeavors.

This particular program is designed to be a stand-alone program, preceded by the Strength Cycle and followed by the Conditioning Cycle, as a means to prepare a student athlete for the upcoming sport season. It can be utilized in almost any pattern of work/rest days, but is designed with a minimum of two days of rest per week, and at least one day of rest between the fifth day of one week and the following first day of the following week’s workouts. For example, you SHOULD take a day of rest between workout P1-5 and workout P2-1.