Session S2 W3

Warm Up

Dynamic Warm up

Burgener Barbell Warm up

3 sets of 10 Waiter KB squats with a minimum load of 8kg. Maintain full depth on the squat and an externally rotated shoulder while holding the kettlebell. Quality movement and form is most important, not the load.


  • Perform 3 working sets of 5 Overhead Squats (with warm up). Start your working sets at approximately 60% of last week's load.
  • 3 working sets of 10 Close Grip Bench Press (with warm up). I'd prefer for you to keep your hands as close as possible while maintaining a safe balance of the barbell.
  • 5 sets of 8-10 repetitions of Modified Tempo Arnold Press for a moderate to heavy effort.
  • 3 max sets of Pull-ups.


Overhead Squat (OHS) - your last reps of each working set should be a struggle. Push yourself but *be safe*

Arnold Press @3131 tempo (3s down, hold 1s, 3s up, hold 1s)