The Catalyst Toolkit

A personalized learning experience focusing on building real world skills through personalized, skills-focused, and connectivist learning.

The SAS Catalyst Project represents the pinnacle of personalized learning at Singapore American School. Students are empowered to dive deep into an area of interest or passion as teachers provide student-centric guidance, support, and extraordinary flexibility. Instruction focuses on building real world competencies in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity while students are expected to apply these skills within authentic contexts, i.e., work studies, apprenticeships, internships, scientific research, etc. As students design, plan, and conduct their projects, they will be taught how to employ the rich regional and global professional network; starting with working with a mentor from a respective academic field or profession. The scope of an SAS Catalyst Project is limited only by the student’s imagination (merging their interests and passions with their academic learning) where they are given a unique opportunity to demonstrate their fullest potential.

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