About Ms. Aviña



As The LEGO Movie and Unikitty once told us, "Everything is Awesome!"

And so it goes in my classroom. My Name is Shannon Aviña, and I'm an 8th grade teacher at Redwood Middle School. I've got the best job in the world: working with kids, laughing all day, and indoctrinating future generations into my own brand of goofiness. When I'm not up to my elbows in Dime Droppers, Smack Talkers, and academic discussion, you'll find me on 4-week-long road trips, visiting family and friends and historical places, and eating at delicious places like Stable and Le Diplomate (DC), Burger Church (SJ), Maven (SF), Tasty N Alder (Portland), Café du Monde (NOLA), and Just Pies (Columbus).

10 Things About Me!

  1. Pie is way better than cake.
  2. Maps are beautiful...and so are rainbow sets of pens/pencils/highlighters 🌈
  3. I was selected by my colleagues as the SUSD Teacher of the Year in 2009.
  4. There are over 2,000 fonts installed on my computer.
  5. My classroom is full of juicy brains, and you'll need bĭnder paper and your cal-enders.
  6. I'm fortunate enough to enjoy some amazing relationships with former students.
  7. When you say and do cool things in my room, a great shower of gold stars shall rain down upon you 🌟
  8. Two of my favorite candies are lemon drops 🍋 and gummi cola bottles.
  9. The scent of bookstores 📚 and libraries is heavenly.
  10. Velcro suits are still the best, since 2008.