‚ÄčIntake Appointment $150

First appointment, generally longer than the standard appointment, to determine history, current situation, and presenting issues. Will include interviews with parents, baseline testing, and paperwork.

Standard Appointment $125

An in-home appointment, scheduled at a time convenient for the family, consists of approx. 45 minutes of counseling with the child, and time to review progress with the parents. I am usually at the home for approximately an hour total.

Standard Online Appointment $110

On-line appointment through video conferencing. Approximately an hour in length. Must have completed an in-person intake appointment first, along with "test session" to make sure technology is working properly. No fee for the test session! Only available to clients in the state of CT. **Insurances may not reimburse for telemental health. **

Other Services available by arrangement

  • Crisis counseling
  • Phone consult
  • PPT/504 representation or consultation

Payment is due at time services are rendered.

For your convenience I accept cash, check, Visa and Mastercard.

I prefer for my relationship with my clients to be my primary relationship, thus I have chosen not to affiliate with most insurance companies. This way the needs of my clients will always come before the bureaucratic policies of an insurance company.

You may be eligible to submit my bills for out-of network reimbursement. Please contact your insurance company for details. I will be happy to support you in whatever way possible.

Insurance accepted: Husky