Concierge Services

Counseling for the discriminating client, with special access and more contact.

Concierge service is limited to one concierge client at a time, in order to provide the best possible service to that client.


  • Weekly appointments
  • First choice of appointment slots
  • Coordination with other providers or with schools
  • Representation at PPTs, 504s, or other school meetings
  • Access to Sarah's dedicated phone number for quick contact when needed
  • Support via text for child & parent (once we discuss how best to keep your information private!)
  • Mid-week check-in via video conferencing
  • One parent session per month, as requested
  • Extended appointments, as needed
  • Other requests will be considered and collaboratively decided upon



Please be aware that this, as a special service, may not be reimbursable by insurance.

All services will be clearly defined in the contract, this page is merely a reference.