where is vietnam?

vietnam is located in Southeast Asia. Vietnam covers 310,070 square kilometers of land and 21,140 square kilometers of water, making it the 66th largest nation in the world with a total area of 331,210 square kilometers.

What Festivals Are Celebrated?

  • Tet Vietnamese New Year

Is normally between January and February. everyone is involved in Tet. it is mainly celebrated by the parishioners to welcome the New Year and welcome the good spirit. It is important to say thank you to the old year that it had taken us to this wonderful new year. Tet is celebrated by gathering together with family and having a party. Lots of food is made and shared:

Banh chung - sticky rice roll

Thit ga - chicken

Thit ko nuoc dua - pork stew in coconut

Dragon or lion dancing is used to take away bad spirits. People wore ao dai - Vietnamese long dress. It is loads of fun. The night before new year, families bless fruits to offer them to the ancestors of the past.

  • Mid Autumn Festival

Is normally celebrated on the 27th of September. It is known as the most happiest day for children as they are given lanterns, snacks and different types of masks to wear.Usually, a worshiping platform is set up in the yard during the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, on which mooncakes, fruit, and snacks are laid. Later, family members sit together to eat the food while appreciating the moon.The platform is not taken down until midnight, when the food has been completely eaten. Most families also set up a special platform for children, so that they can enjoy food at anytime during the evening. They eat moon cakes of every flavour of:

  • Red bean paste
  • Lotus seed paste
  • Chocolate
  • Green tea.

places people visit while travelling to Vietnam

Cu Chi Tunnels

Halong Bay

Mekong Delta