This site will tell you all you need to know about Alaska. Whether your going there or just want to know about Alaska this site is for you


Alaska is a state of the USA, it is positioned in the west side of the USA.


Alaska is located in the eastern hemisphere in the USA. It borders with Canada and has a large cost line.

Mountains, Rivers, and Oceans

Alaska is a really beautiful place to visit with it's massive mountains. Denali the biggest mountain in Alaska, and is a staggering 5,500 meters tall, and is considered to be even taller than Mount Everest!! That makes it the tallest mountain in the world. (Click here to see evidence )

The longest river in Alaska is the Yukon River, it is a whopping 3,187km long. It is shown in the map above ^

The seas and oceans surrounding Alaska are the Bering sea, and the Chukchi sea, the pacific ocean, the Arctic ocean, Gulf of Alaska, and the Beaufort sea.


Alaska is a very multi religions place with,

79% Christen,

62% Protestant,

10% Buddhist,

8% Eastern Orthodox,


7% No religion,

4% LDS,

and 1% other.


Alaska has a very small economy with a population of 741,204