For Individuals

It is a firm belief of mine that emotions are integral to who we are.

Emotions are the means through which we understand ourselves.

What contributes to feeling anger? Who causes you pain? What creates joy? How do you experience fear?

The issue perhaps isn't emotions themselves, but rather, how we react to ourselves (or others) when we feel them.

Creating more rather than less space for emotions of all kinds is my intention as your counselor.

Additionally, I really enjoy working with folks to make space for emotions within masculinity.

Toxic masculinity can stem from power dynamics, from insecurity, or from a need to fit in with peers.

In my client's therapeutic work I see a

brave, new

masculinity that has the capacity to feel because

to experience emotions means to be whole.

I charge $125 per session, and sessions are 55-60 minutes in length. Sliding scale slots are currently full.

I am in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. Co-pays will be required at the time of service.

Payment is accepted via credit card, debit card, or health savings account (HSA).

It is requested that your card be kept on file in order to process ongoing payments.

If paying out of pocket, Good Faith Estimates of expected charges are available upon scheduling your first session, or upon request.

The purpose of the estimate is to give you an opportunity to manage your care costs and to prevent surprise billing.