1. What is the view when you open your front door?
  2. What does your dinner table look like?
  3. Snapshots of your city.
  4. Your local markets.


  • Participants are required to take photographs (preferably more than one) of the view right outside their front doors, of their dinner table (focusing on their staple diet and food practices), or snapshots of what defines the city they live in.
  • You may decide to attempt only one theme, or all of them!
  • Participants must post their photographs on Instagram, tagging @miiraas.sanskriti. The following Hashtags are mandatory: #globaled18, #photostory - you may create your own hashtags to help further define your entry.
  • Scroll down to see the Instagram live feed

However, if your school policy does not allow use of social media, you may post your photographs in the Padlet below.