This library Business Resource Guide provides information sources on business and the economy for San Juan High School students. Learn about the economy and businesses large and small. Learn how people develop and operate successful businesses and get resources to plan, launch, manage, and grow a business.

Guide Hints

Learn about big business and economic trends using the national Business Periodicals and TV show.

Learn about small businesses and practice business planning and management using the Business Development resources.

Inform your business plan or improve your business with Data.

Check out the Study page for business programs in college and universities.

Questions? See Ms. Haskins in the library


Periodicals dedicated to exploring large scale industries and economic sectors, primarily in the United States. Each periodical offers current economic and market headlines and in depth reporting on the economy, politics, technology, and other cross-industry concerns.

Articles are complex; plan to use non-fiction reading strategies such as annotating frequent words, and re-reading to understand the information, argument, and/or evidence.

Digital access to this authoritative, daily print newspaper through library database

News coverage and analysis of dominant industries from Aerospace to Retail.

Includes economic forecasting from diverse economists.

Fortune Magazine, available online, includes profiles of businesses, businesspeople, and technology in business

Known for annual ranking the worlds wealthiest people and highest grossing corporations.

Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine, available online

includes profiles of businesses and businesspeople

Annually publishes rankings of best undergraduate and graduate business programs.


Periodicals covering small and medium sized enterprises profile more specialized and diverse businesses. Includes practical advice for technology, community engagement, time management.

Small business and startups magazine publishes business strategies. Strong diversity in discussion of successful enterprises.

Small business and entrepreneurship magazine. Some great content, but evaluate each author and information for credibility since many articles are shaped by monetary interests. Open contributors


The Nightly Business Report, CNBC. 27 minute episodes.. Weeknights on public television, also on YouTube.

Provides market analysis and commentary to industry, politics, and economic news. Emphasis on major markets; includes limited small business reporting.

General Information

Definitions and other basic reference information, best for when you need to know about a term or concept

Investopedia defines and describes financial concepts like commercialization, entrepreneurship, student loans


Full learning sequences designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to develop and manage effective enterprises. Choose any one to learn all about starting a business: market research, business plans, location, structure, financing, legal & regulatory compliance, communicating value, and record keeping.


Examples of planning and management documents. and tools and templates to create your own.

Includes specific legal regulatory planning resources for small businesses in North America.

Santa Clara University offers a free full online course in Starting a Business with resources for e-commerce en Espanol


SME Toolkit helps with all aspects of planning, starting, financing, and operating small and medium enterprises. Developed by International Finance Corporation (IFC) with IBM, this is used in countries across the globe.


DreamBuilder online training curriculum guide women's business development. Free account. Excellent tools and templates.

Carnegie's business plan index includes sample business plans from dozens of industries

Co-op Creator provides information and resources for organizations using a co-operative business model

$100 startup includes brief templates for product launch, business planning, and promotion

Canada is the United States second biggest trade partner. Their entrepreneurs toolkit includes business planning and evaluation ideas, and a collection of free or low-cost technology for e-commerce, marketing, and accounting.

U.S. Small Business Administration Business planning resources with an emphasis on legal and regulatory compliance. Resources for planning, launching, managing, and growing a business.


Secondary consumer & market research information sources provide data on the consumer goods and services landscape, such as population, consumer trends, and economic performance.

Economic Census shows demographic data

Economic indicators by field

Reports the unemployment rate, wages, and consumer price index (CPI). West. California. Census Current Population Survey

SacLibrary Database profiles millions of businesses and consumers for marketing and market research.

Penenisula Library System Database profiles of millions of businesses and consumers. Includes sales tactics, market research and mailing lists.

National Bureau of Economic Research

Themes for entrepreneurship highlight common

Financial, legal, logistic research and advice for American businesses in global markets.

Export destination rankings show favorability of specific markets based on current trade policies and practices