SGC At Home Learning

* SISD has extended it's closure through May 1st.

* On April 6th - next Monday - we will collect packets from this week. We will give out packets only to those who do not have internet access at home. Those who have indicated they have internet access will be asked to do all work online going forward. A self addressed envelope will be included with packets, and we ask that you return work in that packet by mailing it to us.

* Please return all borrowed books (from our library or from teachers) with your packet on April 6th.

* Students and parents can expect to be spending no more than 4 hours per week on coursework. This is the expectation for Pre-K - 6th grade. Of course, students (or parents) who wish to spend more time can do so, but this will be our expectation going forward.

* Grades will be given according to the grading rubric sent out next week. Students must be working from home in order to receive credit.

* The next packets after Monday, April 6th will be MAILED home. There will be no packet pick-up on Monday, April 20th.