daily menu

Tuesday 25.06.2019

soup: broccoli 50 Kč

1. organic Angus beef burger with cheddar, bacon and jallapenos 140 Kč / double burger 200 Kč

2a. slowly baked beef, baked grenaille 150 Kč

2b. slowly baked pork, baked grenaille 130 Kč

2c.marinated turkey, pasta-rice with vegetables 130 Kč

3. bulgur with grilled vegetables and grilled halloumi skewer 160 Kč

4. wrap with chicken breasts and vegetables 100 Kč

home-made lemonade: forest fruit 40 Kč

SPECIAL OFFER - slowly cooked pulled meats

menu for 2 persons = 350,-Kč

+ home-made potato chips, coleslaw and home-made dips