College Course Information

Summer 2021 College Courses

SUMMER COLLEGE CLASSES- students who will have completed 10th and 11th grade HS who want to take a college class during the summer at Mesa, Miramar, or City. Registration is open now. Student must have above a 3.0 overall GPA and in good standing MAY qualify to take a college class this summer. High school students requesting concurrent enrollment may be admitted as "Special Part-Time" High School Students.

Remember, you must be in good standing and meet all of the COLLEGE prerequisites for the class. PLUS. you can only use up to 10 college courses on a HS transcript TOTAL. Any course taken during the summer that is on the approved list MAY go on your HS transcript as a “P” if you do not exceed the 10 maximum courses while in HS. You will need to provide the registrar, Ms. Chavez, with an official college transcript IF you would like for her to include it on your HS transcript. IMPORTANT: Do not forget to count your senior year classes if you are planning on taking CC classes your senior year must be included in the max 10. Here is the website with the SDUSD Administrative Regulation AR6172.1 and the approved courses:

Remember, if you earn a D/F or Withdraw “W” in the course you will no longer be able to take a CC class during High School. PLUS, you are starting your college transcript so choose wisely it will be with you forever and impact future college acceptance and financial aid opportunities.

Instructions for how to enroll in a college summer course see 3 bullets below:

  • For summer application you will need to have a college CSID.

If you don’t have one yet (not in CC class now, biomed or taken intro to design) must apply now

*Guide for Community College Enrollment : step by step applying for CSID at

*Have a CSID but you forgot and can’t find in your personal email your CSID or college password: College Help Desk