Thanksgiving Poem

Oh the smiles and laughter from everyone are so joyful

With hugs from family and friends that are so warm full

Of the love of being all together on this day so chockful

Of happiness that comes from the trimmings that are so tasteful

And the golden brown turkey that rests on a platterful

Of plenty that makes you so feel so happy for the feast full

Of goodness--you can't do anything but become quite restful

As you wait for the football games that make the day all so pleasure-ful

Gets way down deep, makes you contented and feel very soulful

With the richness that comes every year on this day that is so delightful

And yet...

Through all of the joy and warmth and delight that we are so full of, we must always remember to simply...

Be thankful.

~Written by: LaToshe DeJohnette

© 2021 LaToshe DeJohnette. All Rights Reserved.


Each month, we will practice one of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Take a look on your grade-level page to see how to practice being Proactive for the month of October.

The Character Trait for November is Citizenship.

Definition of Citizenship: Following the rules in your school and community, and caring about others .

Quote for the Month:

"Citizenship is the chance to make a difference to the place where you belong."


Monthly Observances:

National Native American Heritage Month

Military Appreciation Month

National Novel Writing Month

Child Safety and Protection Month

Weekly Observances:

November 1 - 7- National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

November 8 - 14 - National Young Readers Week

November 15 - 21 - American Education Week

November 22 -28 - National Game & Puzzle Week

Daily Observances:

November 1 - National Author's Day

November 5 - American Football Day & National Redhead Day

November 8 - National STEM/STEAM Day

November 11 - Veterans Day

November 17 - World Peace Day

November 20 - Universal Children's Day

November 15 - America Recycles Day

November 25 - Thanksgiving Day

November 26 - Native American Heritage Day