TEACH-LEAD San Diego (TLSD) is San Diego Unified’s latest endeavor focused on eliminating barriers that hold future educators back from pursuing their goals. The new program offers both financial and personalized pathway resources to individuals beginning or continuing their journey towards a career as a teacher. TEACH-LEAD San Diego is a part of the district’s new “grow your own” teacher pipeline program, dedicated to supporting individuals in becoming teachers in their local communities. 

This program will help onboard certified practitioners to reflect the district’s diverse population of students. As California’s second-largest district, San Diego Unified serves more than 95,000 students and represents more than 15 ethnic groups. Studies have shown that all students benefit when they have access to teachers and leaders who look like them and may have similar life experiences. By cultivating talent from within our community that is representative of our diverse demographic, we aim to foster a dynamic educational landscape that not only empowers our students but also nurtures the very roots of our local educational system.

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Whether you are a current employee looking for a change, a high school student looking towards the future, or anywhere in between... 

TEACH-LEAD San Diego will help guide you through the process. From start to finish, from financial aid to landing an interview, all with ease and expertise. We look forward to eliminating the barriers that may be holding you back, and helping you begin your journey towards your

who we are

TEACH-LEAD San Diego is San Diego Unified's "grow your own" educator
pipeline program dedicated to supporting individuals become teachers and leaders in our schools and communities.


what we do

TEACH-LEAD San Diego is committed to recruiting, selecting, nurturing and maintaining diverse individuals aspiring to become educators and leaders in our school system. Our goal is to foster homegrown educators and leaders reflective of the diverse student population we serve and with whom our students can identify.  


Fostering Homegrown Educators for a
Better San Diego 

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