New Data Science Course!

The Data Science Revolution is HERE, and SDUSD is ready for it!

The San Diego Unified School District recently made a commitment with Data Science 4 Everyone, joining over 270 other organizations that have committed to actions that promote data literacy. In making our commitment, we join a cause that is impacting over 3 million students, 25,000 educators, and 500 school districts!

SDUSD commits to: Offering Data Science courses to grades 11 and 12 (2020-21 and forward); Challenge and empower both existing and emerging pathways to career and college readiness by increasing access and opportunities to more upper level mathematics courses for all students; Implementing introductory mathematical modeling using Data Science in grades 6-10 (21-22); Expanding to PreK-5 (22-23).

We will design and facilitate professional learning opportunities for educators and administrators (TK-12), foster family outreach, design curriculum, and align the work to post-secondary education expectations.

Want to know more? Click the link to the right and explore the collection of resources, organizations, and people working to make Data Science, Statistics, and modeling a part of TK-12 education!

Additionally, San Diego Unified is partnering with CourseKata to bring our students an innovative data science and statistics course based on the latest in the learning sciences. This course incorporates authentic tools used by real data scientists, helps students learn algebra in a way used by researchers, and explores important implications of math and statistics in many exciting contexts (e.g., policing, business, politics, public health). Click the link to the right to learn more about the amazing course, the authors, and get excited like us!

PS: 2nd Data Science course coming 2022-23!

Click the image to learn more about the quest to update K-12 curriculum to the 21st century! Data Science 4 Everyone is maintained by the Center for RISC at the University of Chicago, and is inspired by Steve Levitt's Freakonomics podcast on high school math.

Click the CourseKata image above to see the CourseKata website and learn more about their philosophy in learning, pedagogy techniques, and all the amazing ways they are "building a better book!"

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