COVID-19 Vaccine

About COVID-19 Vaccines

Information from county can be found here.

Vaccines for district employees

All staff members should be eligible now to get vaccinated. Please go to:

To access a different resource, please go to

  • Please note this is a different resource other than the county and is open to all school staff

  • It gives you access to pharmacies that are offering vaccine through a federal program. Pharmacies like Rite Aid, CVS, Vons etc.

Petco Park Vaccine Supercenter Closed

Petco Park COVID-19 vaccine superstation to close permanently after Saturday 3/20/2021.

Anyone who still has a vaccination appointment at the location will receive a message through MyChart, UCSD’s electronic notification system. UCSD is urging those who don’t yet have a second dose appointment to schedule one by calling 800-926-8273 or 211 — but only if you also got your first shot at Petco Park.