School Nurse Highlights

Virtual Health Office

As schools are practicing Dista nce Learning, please know that the nurse assigned to your child’s school is available via email. Below is a list of school sites, assigned nurse and email. Please contact the appropriate nurse to communicate health concerns impacting education. If you do not have access to email or are unable to reach the assigned nurse, please call the Nursing and Wellness Department at 619-725-5501.


  • There have been no changes to California State immunization laws.

  • All students enrolling for school need to have up-to-date immunizations prior to enrollment. California State law of “No shots, No school” still applies. Students cannot enroll and attend online learning or in person learning without immunizations under SB 277.

  • This means that all students must be up to date on all required vaccines, or have a valid medical exemption, or an active IEP to enroll and be granted access to online or virtual learning.** Please note that there may be exceptions for students with current IEPs and those with approved medical exemption letters.

  • Military and Homeless students still get a 30 day grace period on immunizations when enrolling.

Site Health Office Staff:

Shiryn Rivo, MSN, RN, RCSN: Friday

Virtual Office Hours (10:00am-12:00noon)

Lesbia Arellano, Health Technician : Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs

Virtual Office Hours (10:00am-12:00noon)

Google voice # (260) 201-1739

Cluster Coordinator:

Jazo-Bajet Martha:

Cell: 619-400-9035 (no texting available)

Nursing & Wellness Department Contact Information:

Phone: 619-725-5501 (Please leave a voicemail and we will get back to you)


List of school nurses by school

Wellness Resources

Family Wellness Resources:

Resources and Additional Information

San Diego County

  • Receive text messages from the County of San Diego regarding COVID 19 by texting “COSD COVID19” to 468-311.

  • County Community Resources

Online resources:

Resources from Rady Children’s Hospital

  • Rady has a dedicated coronavirus pediatric nurse advice line which is available to the community to support and answer questions regarding children and coronavirus. The line (858-966-8399) will be open from 8 a.m.-10 p.m., seven days a week.

  • Rady also has a COVID 19 updates page:

Childcare Resources During COVID 19

  • San Diego Regional Center: for respite care for students who are clients of San Diego Regional Center

    • Call 858-576-2996 (Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5pm).

  • Childcare for healthcare professionals: YMCA of San Diego County is offering enhanced child care referrals for health care professionals.

    • Call (619) 952-0242 (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm).

Food and Nutrition

  • SDUSD is distributing meals Monday to Friday for all students. More information is available at

  • The Salvation Army is providing free meals for kids at the Salvation Army KROC Center. Children MUST be present to receive a meal.

    • Hours of Operation are Weekdays from 10 a.m. to noon.

    • Salvation Army KROC Center, 6845 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92115

  • The San Diego Food Bank is providing food to persons of all ages. Visit for most current schedules and locations or call 1-858-527-1419.

  • The San Diego Food Bank is also offering a diaper bank program. Details are available at


Family Resources

  • 211 San Diego works closely with our County and other local resources to connect you, your family, and other residents to community-wide service organizations that focus on health, food, housing, disaster, veterans, and other specialized needs. The organization also provides a free, 24-hour, confidential phone service in 200+ languages and a searchable online database. Additional information is available here:

Mental Health Resources


Student Medications at School

  • If you have any questions about your student’s medications at school, please email your school nurse (see list above).

Other Helpful Resources

Health Information

Exercises for Dealing with Stress and Anxiety

Sometimes you’ll need a quick way to help your child calm down and you don’t have much with you. Maybe it’s when you’re out at Target or stuck in traffic. These tips will come in handy at those times:

  • Imagine your favorite place - it’s like taking a mini vacation wherever you are

  • Think of your favorite things

  • Name animals alphabetically (alligator, bear, cow, dog, etc…)

  • Squeeze Something (play dough, clay, silly putty, your fists, a stress ball)

  • Get a Cold Drink of Water

  • 54321 Grounding - go through each of your 5 senses

    • Take a deep belly breath to begin

    • 5 - LOOK: Look around for 5 things that you can see, and say them out loud. For example, you could say, I see the computer, I see the cup, I see the picture frame.

    • 4 - FEEL: Pay attention to your body and think of 4 things that you can feel, and say them out loud. For example, you could say, I feel my feet warm in my socks, I feel the hair on the back of my neck, or I feel the pillow I am sitting on.

    • 3 - LISTEN: Listen for 3 sounds. It could be the sound of traffic outside, the sound of typing or the sound of your tummy rumbling. Say the three things out loud.

    • 2 - SMELL: Say two things you can smell. If you’re allowed to, it’s okay to move to another spot and sniff something. If you can’t smell anything at the moment or you can’t move, then name your 2 favorite smells.

    • 1 - TASTE: Say one thing you can taste. It may be the toothpaste from brushing your teeth, or a mint from after lunch. If you can’t taste anything, then say your favorite thing to taste.

    • Take another deep belly breath to end

  • 50 ways to take a break