Classroom Equipment Overview & Setup

Based on the technology in your classroom, select the appropriate support materials below. The checklist and video outline the most basic setup to get your classroom ready to work with your students. For a more detailed and complete setup, please click on the link to the diagram found in each section.

Select your classroom configuration below

Additional Information on Classroom Equipment & MimioStudio.

Learn all about classroom technology including teacher tablets, interactive displays, document cameras, printers, & sound systems on the SDUSD Classroom Technology site.

Getting new classroom equipment? Access the Classroom Refresh site to learn all about it. Find information on MimioStudio & converting your existing flipcharts here as well.

Virtual Classroom Equipment

Each site received a webcam, cable, and tripod for Core classrooms. The resources below guide you through the necessary steps for using this equipment in conjunction with Zoom.

Overview of Items

Be sure to watch the video for an overview of the virtual classroom equipment, as well as the steps needed to set up your tripod and webcam.

Setting-Up New Items with Zoom

Webcam on Laptop

Step by Step Instructions (handout)

Video for Setting Up Equipment