Hage Virtual Health Office

Welcome to your virtual health office at Hage Elementary. All who enter here are respected, wanted, loved, and accepted. Please explore the page and resources that are available to you. 

Your School Nurse is: Charlene Pattillo, RN, BSN, RCSN

Welcome!  This is my 9th year with SDUSD and my 4th year at Hage Elementary.  I am very happy to be a part of this community and to continue getting to know learners, staff, and families.  I love being a school nurse because it has given me the opportunity to apply principles of health promotion and illness prevention to our young learners and their families.  When a student understands the link between poor hand washing and illness, or lack of exercise and the many health problems that can be associated with it, I feel like I may have helped to change health outcomes for that student and possibly their family members.  That is why I continue to love school nursing.

When I am not at work, I am spending time with my own family.  I have two girls that are ages 16 and 19.  I was also recently married and my husband has a 17 year old son.  Needless to say we are pretty busy trying to keep up with everyone’s schedules. We are all very active and enjoy the beach, riding bikes, surfing, and other activities that keep us moving as a family. We also like game nights and cooking together.

Nurse Office Hours: Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays by appointment. Please email me to set a time.

Zoom Link to Nurse Office Hours*:

*Must log in with student or staff account

Additional Contact Information

Google voice: 858-215-1221 

Email: cpattillo@sandi.net

Charlene Pattillo, RN

Your Health Technician is: Zarah Roberts

This is my first year as a Health Technician at Hage Elementary. I look forward to getting to know and becoming part of the Hage Elementary community.

Health Technician Office Hours: Monday through Friday

                                                                           Hours: 10:00am-11:00am

Zoom Link to Health Technician Office Hours: https://sandiegounified.zoom.us/j/8264045229

Additional Contact Information

Google voice: (858) 621-3104

Email: zroberts@sandi.net

*If nurse or health technician are unavailable during established office hours, please contact: 

Cluster Coordinator: Jackie Taj, RN, MSN

Google Voice: 619-887-4274

Email: jtaj@sandi.net 

Zarah Roberts, HT