iHigh Dual Enrollment 

iHigh Virtual Academy  offers an additional educational option for students to contribute toward on-time promotion of high school students and increase graduation rates with a commensurate reduction in the number of dropouts.

MISSION- The Department of Online Learning under the supervision of Leadership and Learning provides online learning opportunities to district schools that enroll students in grades 9-12, to ensure that students have the opportunity to recover credit and graduate with the skills necessary to succeed in post-secondary educational activities and careers.


Q2 Grades  

All innovation sites had an increase in passing grades in the second quarter! Thank you for your efforts in monitoring and supporting students. Crawford had the highest increase and Hoover High once again to the lead with the highest passing rate! 

Online Learning Director                        


Dual Enrollment Counselor 

Aracely Cervante



INNOVATION CENTERS                  

Crawford High Schol 

Hoover High School 

Lincoln High School 

Morse High School 

San Diego High School 

Online Labs

SDUSD Highschool and Middles school which add online labs to their master schedule could have their students participate in credit recovery and first-time credit through the Department of Online Learning. 

3939 Conde Street, San Diego, CA. 92110

Phone: 1.619.430.1720