"Three Things in Human Life Are Important. The First Is To Be Kind. The Second Is To Be Kind. And The Third Is To Be Kind."

Miller Bucket Fillers Always Think Of What We Can Do To Fill Someone's Bucket!

What I Do and Say Matters!


I am here to support you!

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"The Only Person You Are Destined to Become, Is the Person You Decide to Be"

Miller Kindness Challenge Checklist 2021.pdf

Kindness Boomerang-"One Day"

Miller Elementary.pdf

Miller Staff-No Place for Hate Promise-Resolution of Respect 2021-2022

No Place for Hate Staff Pledge 2021-22.pdf

Miller Students: No Place for Hate Promise-Resolution of Respect 2021-2022

No Place for Hate Student Pledge 2020-21.pdf

Miller Family: No Place for Hate Promise-Resolution of Respect 2021-2022

Miller Character Traits of the Month

Respect, Responsibility, Safety, Gratitude, Caring, Teamwork, Cooperation, Honesty, Trustworthiness, Keep Trying, Determination/Perseverance, and Sharing

"We Can Make a Difference for a Better World!" "Selfless and Others More!" "YES, WE CAN!"

Miller Staff Salute Our Military Children!


Bucket Filler of the Month Jack Stephens 2021 (1).pdf
Bucket Filler of the Month Jan 2021 (1).pdf

The Miller Way Behavior Expectations


Bucket Filling and Power Protectors 2021.pdf

Behavior Expectations Summary

Behavior Expectations Summary 8-25-2021.pdf
Parent engagement 8-26-2020.pdf

Parent Engagement

Online Learning Matrix 8-26-2020.pdf

Online Learning

Digital Citizenship 8-26-2020.pdf

Digital Citizenship

collaborative conversations 8-26-2020.pdf

Collaborative Conversations

Miller Spirit Days

Miller Spirit Days 8-26-2020.pdf

Emotions and the Brain Video

Create a Calm-Down Corner

Learning-Recipe for Success