Cody Smith

Magnet Coordinator

About Me


My name is Cody Smith and I'm the Magnet Coordinator here at CPMA. I would like to welcome all our families and students to CPMA. As the coordinator, my role is primarily enrollment and recruitment for our school. If you have any questions about the enrollment, the choice application process and/or our programs here at CPMA, please feel free to send me a email at, here I will be answer any kind of question. For more information about the CHOICE Application, please see my tab "Choice Application".

What I love about working in education and as a coordinator, is that we get to see students become the future generation. I learn everyday, just like our students, about looking at our world through different eyes, which gives me much more perspectives about life. I enjoy the arts since I was little kid, from doing theater, band, and even songwriting to this day. Art is a way for us to communicate about our surroundings, inner-self, our history and culture that inspire us. For many, it is an outlet to let out all kinds of emotions from joy to pain, which is essential to staying healthy and healing as human beings.

Also I enjoy being outdoors, reading, working out, surfing and hiking. I'm also have a annual pass to the zoo, as I LOVE animals and plants. I do have plants in my office, however I wasn't allowed to bring any animal friends. If I'm not doing one of these activities, then I'm most likely somewhere traveling the world. I enjoy visiting other countries and national parks.