What is ASB?

ASB is Associated Student Body. ASB is a class for students who are interested in being student leaders, planning and executing school activities and events, representing the ideas and desires of the diverse student population, and building school culture. At CHS it looks like an elected or appointed governing board of 13 officers who are part of a 36-person class. The ASB class will be under the class code “event marketing” rather than “student government” this year. Any student in any academy is welcome to enroll. The class takes place during 4th period.

Core Values

Mission Statement

To create a welcoming school environment by informing and collaborating with everyone on campus and hosting engaging school events so all people enjoy the CHS experience.

Our Plan

Student activities can make people feel: Panic, Growth, or Comfort. Start in comfort. Go to growth by gaining trust so we can create community. ASB will be invested in creating activities that are inclusive, build trust, and send the message: “you matter and you belong here”.