Welcome to the CHS Class of 2021 Website!

This site is dedicated to the Clairemont High School Senior Class of 2021. We are rooting for you, and hoping that you have experienced senior year to the fullest. We know what it is like to miss out on something you have been looking forward to, but we hope that our resilience in the face of this challenge is inspiration for you to move forward with your senior year in a safe and productive manner. We support, love, and miss you all.

Letters from our Administration


To the class of 2021,

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how thankful I am to have served as your principal. Over the past four years I have come to know the amazing young men and women you are and I cannot wait to see the mark you will leave on this world. Although this year was not what any of us had hoped for, it doesn’t take away all the wonderful memories you have made here at Clairemont. I encourage you to celebrate the good times and great relationships you developed along the way. Finally, I hope that this year has revealed to you just how resilient you truly are. In a time of uncertainty you chose to face it head on. Your commitment to your education and bettering yourself never waivered. I’m reminded of a poetic image from the book, Antifragile, by Nassim Taleb. He notes that wind extinguishes a candle but energizes a fire. In this time of chaos, you chose to be fire. Let your character, humility, integrity, endurance, and focus burn brightly for all to see. I am so tremendously proud of you.

Once a Chieftain, ALWAYS a Chieftain!


Principal Williams

Each and every Senior has made an impact while attending CHS

You will all go and do amazing things and we wish you the very best!

Please take a moment to view the Class of 2021!

Academic Distinction

Congratulations to the following students who have achieved Academic Distinction, your accomplishments are to be celebrated!

4.51 GPA and above

Gutierrez, Rogelio

Ternasky, Gioia Catherine

Hijar, Peyton J

Gelber, Elizabeth Ann

Storey, Connor Westlake

Fulton, Lilly Claire

Petkova, Adriana Kostadinova

Trimble, Catherine Ann

Camacho, Aleah Ruby

Keegan, Summer Elizabeth

4.0-4.5 GPA

Connell, Henry Scout

Herndon, Shea Brianne

Daudet, Zachary George

Dierkes, Jenna Leigh

Desany, Emma Isadora

Dzendzel, Carmela Marie

Smith, Annie Catharine

Amaro Villamar, Heidy Mayrani

Carde, Stevie

Jacobo, Natalie Renee

Reedholm, Jake William

Baros, Emily Sarah

Butters, Gabriella Maria

Dang, Tran Mai

Sabin, Daniel Scott Jex

Blanquet, Mark Andrew

Huffman, Emma Sara

Rodriguez, Jarvis

Milus, Araya Mekel

Hosch, Kalia Maya

Lisson, Emily Rene

Butters, Alison Maria

Salvador, John Daniell Dela Merced

Hofer, Erik William

Fennessy, Meghan Louise

Butters, Olivia Maria

Little, Archer David

Dang, Baochau H.

Cunningham, Allison Mercedes

Roberto, Cassandra Juliann

Lawson, Breanne Marie

De La Mora, Amie Delany

Anderson, Leilani Earnestine

Runyan, Josephine Alexis

Kaye, Samuel James

Wicks, Caeden Keith

Lunsford, Alonah Lyriq

Brady, Lillie Joy

Lisson, Devin Gerhard

Sullivan, Ayden Margaret

Miller, Kiana Nicole

Garcia, Allena Amour

Davies, Joseph Ellis

Marchal, Ella Grace

Johnson-Harris, Shania Marie

Warren, Mason Victor

Lam, Kathy Thuc Binh

Nguyen, Aaron

Gonzalez, Alexa Michele

Nguyen, Tiffany

Behr, Aiden Jeffrey

Flanagan, Fiona Jean

Johnson, Seth Matthew

Iniguez, Kayleen Jazel

Sato, Lilina Ashly

Magana, Heather Maryanna

Schimke, John Jesse

Peters, Alyssa Violet

Khuu, Lynn

French, Jack William

Silva, Luke Francis

3.5-3.99 GPA

Birtness, Aidan Joseph

Beltran, Arianna

Huynh, Kevin

Leana Pliego, Guadalupe

Martinez, Adrian Salatiel

Leyva-Aguilar, Priscilla

Trepte, Genevieve Diane

Nevarez, Aeryn Michelle

Alvarado, Kendally

Jones, Juliette Elizabeth

Sirois, Jacob Andrew

Cardona, Leslie Emily

Milo, Ryan J.

Menjivar, Alysa Jaliene

Hoech, Katarina Kendra

Pama, Molokai Joshua

Fennelly, Greta Marie

LeBarron, Nathan James

Vargas, Ivan

Gerjets, Megan E

McAvin, Cameron Brianne

Mullen, Mary Angela

Lovell, Tyler Charles

Crase, Griffin Joseph

Simas, Nathan Octavio Manuel

Fitzmaurice, Charlee Grace

Lopez-Mendez, Noe

Mateos, Jazmine Melanie

Smith, Madison

Currigan, Phoebe Acacia

Machado, Alexia Zaceth

Travis, Jack Perry

Munoz, Ruben Javier

Garcia, Elyssa Rachelle

Huynh, Hai My Tran

Cordero, Armando Samuel

Salazar, Arianna Nichol

Barbontin Espino, Angela

Sifuentes, Krystal Melody

Kralovic, Kaden Michael

Perez Hernandez, Isis Esmeralda

Class of 2021 Senior Awards. We are so proud of our seniors and wish them the best in the life after Clairemont.... Just remember once a Chieftain, always Chieftain!

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