The new syllabus concentrates on developing the student’s problem solving ability by presenting her/him with everyday problems and guiding them towards a practical solution thereby developing their practical reasoning and equipping them with the wherewithal to tackle problems in a practical manner while still emphasising the traditional skills associated with the woodworking industry.

Assessment for Junior Certificate

  • Practical Project (two thirds of the Junior Certificate marks)
  • Pre-scribed project issued by the Department of Education and Science

e.g. “Many toys are designed to develop and refine the manipulative skills of a child” Design and make an attractive and stimulating toy for use by a child. The toy should include a device or mechanism which will enhance the child’s manipulative skills.

  • Theory exam (one third of the marks)

Careers with Materials Technology (Wood):

Woodwork teacher, Town planning, Architecture, Quantity Surveyor, Civil and Structural Engineer,

Carpenter, Do-it-Yourself, Furniture making, Product Design..