Mission statement

Welcome to Sam Holton Holdings, where we take great pride in helping each prospective client turn their dreams into a tangible reality. Our unwavering commitment to accountability and integrity serves as the foundation of our core values. We go above and beyond to ensure that no checkbox is left unchecked.

In addition to our dedication to mentorship and community development, Sam Holton Holdings LLC offers exceptional guidance and instructions to assist individuals in shaping their legacies. We firmly believe in the profound power of mentorship to guide and empower individuals along their path to achieving their goals. Through our mentorship programs, we connect experienced professionals with aspiring investors, providing them with invaluable guidance, knowledge, and insights. Our mentors are devoted to sharing their expertise, helping mentees navigate challenges, and uncovering unique opportunities in every endeavor.

At Sam Holton Holdings, we understand the pivotal role that mentorship plays in personal and professional growth. We invite you to experience the transformative power of mentorship as we support and guide you towards achieving your investment goals. Join us on our journey to put checks in checkboxes and embark on a remarkable path towards success.

Meet the team

Sam Holton Holdings LLC is led by a team of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the real estate and cybersecurity industries. In addition to Sam Holton, the company's founder, we have Russell Holton as a key member of our team.

Russell E. Holton


Work: 866-930-9041

Mobile: 619-494-7224


Russell Holton brings 15 years of experience as a cybersecurity professional, specializing in risk analysis. His expertise in identifying and mitigating potential security threats will be invaluable in safeguarding our digital infrastructure, client data, and financial transactions. Russell will play a critical role in ensuring the security and integrity of our systems, as well as implementing best practices to protect our clients' confidential information. 


"The ultimate measure of success is leaving a lasting effect on every single person that you come in contact with!"

Sam Holton Holdings LLC is poised to become a trusted player in the real estate industry, offering superior property investment and management services. With a focus on customer satisfaction, innovation, and risk management, we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results for our clients. The combined expertise of Sam Holton and Russell Holton positions us for success in a competitive market. We are committed to maximizing returns on investment, while prioritizing the security and integrity of our operations.