Information Technology

I am very passionate about technology and keep up-to-date on the latest technology trends in the business and consumer markets. My recent work includes the following projects:

Leading backup and sync solution: I have translated 600K words and reviewed 200K since 2012.

Major search engine: I have been a senior translator since 2004, having translated more than 4 million words and proofread 1 million words.

Pinterest: I have been a translator for Pinterest's website, as well as for its iOS and Android apps, since 2012.

Building and Construction​

I have first-hand knowledge of the building and construction industry. I completed my degree in building surveying, took a two-year technical and practical training course for Chartered Surveyors, and have work experience as a surveyor for both Modena City Council and for private architectural firms.

History, Politics and Current Events​

I am very passionate about history, having read several books on the subject. I have a strong grasp of Italian and Peruvian history, as well as the political landscape.

I have also translated several articles for UNESCO'S encyclopedia History of Humanity.

Food and Wine​

I am very interested in food and wine, having translated several food-related projects into Italian. Some of the translation projects I have completed in 2015 include the following projects:

Translation from French into Italian of several articles for the bimonthly magazine, FENATI (Italian Federation of Truffle Gatherers and Truffle Farmers).

Translation from Spanish into Italian of a 15,000-word document on Andean lupin.