Public Opinion Research in Detail

The Salmon Project conducted 5 public opinion research projects between 2012 and 2015. PDF and editable (Word/Excel/Powerpoint) files are available for all research. Full report sets are linked immediately below. Direct links to PDF reports are included in the descriptions of each research process, except where data is only available in Excel. The research projects conducted by Alaska Salmon Initiative/The Salmon Project include:

  • 2012/2013 Statewide research, including informant interview, focus groups and a statewide phone and online survey. (Full report set)
  • 2013 Focus Groups and survey research from the Mat-Su region, specific to land ownership and habitat awareness/personal responsibility (Full report set)
  • 2014 benchmark survey research, which built on the 2013 research and also added new benchmark questions (Full report set)
  • 2015 benchmark survey research, which built on 2013 and 2014 (Full report set)
  • 2015 Baby Salmon Live Here focus group research (Full report set)
  • Select findings from the research were also used to produce three infographics designed for online use.

2012/2013 Statewide Research

This research was the core of the feasibility process for the development and assessment of a possible Salmon Project. Conducted in the winter of 2012/2013 it included:

  • Informant interviews with more than 30 opinion leaders around the state, with particular attention paid to rural and Alaska Native leaders (though not exclusive to them).
  • 12 focus groups in 8 communities (4 rural, 4 urban)
  • A statistically weighted quantitative telephone and online survey with an n=2,068 (half phone/half online)

The reports and data resulting from this process include:

Summary Report

Informant Interviews

Focus Groups

Statewide Phone and Internet Survey

2013 Mat-Su King Maker Focus Groups and Survey Research

In 2013 we partnered with Great Land Trust to host a set of focus groups designed to gauge residents’ knowledge about wild salmon lifecycles and habitat in the valley, and test concepts and communications relating to the Great Land Trust’s King Maker program. We also conducted a small (n=150) telephone survey on the same subject.

The reports and data resulting from this process include:

2014 Benchmark Survey

In 2014 we designed a benchmark survey, built on the 2012/2013 research but also intended to provide a set of questions that could be repeated periodically and provide an indication of progress toward Salmon Project objectives. Because it had been difficult to that point to identify actual organizational objectives or metrics against which to measure, a set of proxies or indicators were identified, including whether or how frequently respondents were taking actions that were to the benefit of salmon, whether and how frequently they were talking to friends and neighbors about salmon, and awareness of The Salmon Project and some of its marks (such as Salmon Love). The benchmark survey had an n=600.


2015 Benchmark Survey

In 2015 we re-administered a version of the benchmark survey, revisiting some of our baseline questions and asking an additional few.


2015 Baby Salmon Live Here Focus Groups

Our researcher conducted two focus groups among Anchorage and Matanuska-Susitna residents to test signage concepts and communications relating to the Baby Salmon Live Here and King Makers programs. The research was conducted in partnership with the Great Land Trust.