Loma Vista Elementary

7 5 7 S A U S A L D R I V E | S A L I N A S , C A 9 3 9 0 6 | ( 8 3 1 ) 7 5 3 - 5 6 7 0

2018-2019 Loma Vista Staff

LV 2018-19

Loma Vista receives recognition for continuous improvement in Climate & Culture

Upcoming Events:

-Kindergarten dismissal is at 1:25pm daily.

-Saturday, Sept. 15- NASA Begins

-Sat., Sept. 22, Monterey Sportsfest for LV Leadership Students

-School Site Council Meeting, Friday, Sept. 28, 7:30am in Rm. 25.

-PSLT (Parent/Staff Leadership Team) Meeting- Friday, Sept. 28, 8:45am in Rm. 25.

-Student Store, Friday, Sept. 28th.

-Student Store Volunteers: We are in need of parent volunteers. Please contact Beatriz Jimenez for more information.

***We are in need of donations for our Student Store: chip variety packs, otter pops, barbies, bubbles, stickers, board games, card games (Old Maid, Go Fish, Uno), stuffed animals, play-doh, art supplies, or anything else you think our students would enjoy!