Loma Vista Elementary

7 5 7 S A U S A L D R I V E | S A L I N A S , C A 9 3 9 0 6 | ( 8 3 1 ) 7 5 3 - 5 6 7 0

Upcoming Events:

-Parent Conferences: March 18-27 (minimum days)

-Literacy Night: Thursday, March 28, 5:30pm-7pm

-Spring Break: April 15-22

***We are in need of donations for our Student Store: chip variety packs, otter pops, barbies, bubbles, stickers, board games, card games (Old Maid, Go Fish, Uno), stuffed animals, play-doh, art supplies, or anything else you think our students would enjoy!

Congrats to Maria P. for making it to Round 3 in

the Scripps Spelling Bee!

Bucket News - Small.mov

Please watch this video to participate in our Anti-bullying activities for this week!

Math Night

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