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Note: these extensions must be installed BEFORE you start a Meet session.

1️⃣ Grid View - Grid view makes it possible to see all of your students on-screen at one time. I don’t recommend grid view for students as it can interfere with their ability to see a large version of your presentation screen.

Install Grid View: https://tinyurl.com/rv8fnj3

2️⃣ Nod - This Chrome extension adds in facebook-like reactions to Google Meet. Students can clap, raise their hand, or LOL during your session without interrupting the speaker.

Install Nod: https://tinyurl.com/ya9l6afm

3️⃣ Meet Attendance - This extension records session attendance instantly to Google Sheets.

Install Meet Attendance: https://tinyurl.com/u3lo727

4️⃣ Push to Talk - When this extension is installed, you can use your space bar to mute and unmute your mic. This is a great extension for young students who struggle to push the mute/unmute button.

Install Push to Talk: https://tinyurl.com/ydy7mmdf

5️⃣ Dualless window splitter - Use Dualless to split your screen into two windows so that you can screen share AND monitor your class at the same time.

Install Dualless: https://tinyurl.com/kdnof76

Becoming 2020: Getting Started-Effective Blended Teaching

Getting Started with Effective Blended Teaching

How to use Flippity to create fun learning games for students

This is for casting a video while presenting in Google Meet. It will allow the video to have audio during playback.

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