This site is about doing something once, and being done with it. Hence.. one and done. Why do extra work when you don't have to.

Project: The One And Done System

Description: This is about the importance of only doing something once. Sure you're going to make changes as you go along. But you want as few 'touches, tweaks and training' as possible during that process. The less times you have to do any of those, the better

Why? Everyone is immersed in the daily task of 'keeping up'. There's a phrase making the rounds called 'FOMO'. It stands for the "Fear Of Missing Out'. It's a great marketing term, if you are selling on fear. My viewpoint is to sell from a more pro active position. Don't wait for them to come to you… Go get it done yourself. And in as few tries as possible. Just get it done.

Who? This is for me personally. This is not for everyone. It is for me.

What? A system that will allow me to touch, tweak, and train others on 'how' as little as possible. Get the basics done the first time…and be done with it.

When? I would like this book to be finished by January 1st.

Where? I will probably use One Note for this. Or Google Docs.

How? Create the 'Write your book in seven days' template in One Note…and get started.

10 Steps/Points:

  1. Create the template in One Note
  2. Follow the instructions in the 'Create Your Book In Seven Days" template
  3. Work on it, as described…daily for a week. And get this done.
  4. Get someone to read it.
  5. Make changes if necessary
  6. Publish the book
  7. Promote the book

Other Notes: Touch, Tweak, and Train

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