Who is Freddy Ruiz Jr

Hello, I'm a native to Salem Oregon, Licensed Real Estate Agent with BST Realty. I'm a huge fan of living in Salem, we're so close to all the great Oregon nature. I'm pretty available for home showings, you can always text message (or email) anytime no worries. I'm usually responding and doing business from 8am-8pm, but always working on something during the off time. Hit me up — Let's go look at homes and write offers!

Freddy Ruiz Jr

How-to Sign Documents

99.99% of the time the Transaction Coordinator or myself will be emailing documents to you to sign via DocuSign. It's easier if everyone involved in the transaction has their own email for signing documents.

Step One Documents

Here are the documents that I send out to clients who are pre-approved and ready to start shopping. It is very convenient having this group of documents ready for your accepted offer.

  • This pamphlet describes the legal obligations of real estate agents in Oregon.

  • Like any agreement, the first thing a Disclosed Limited Agency Agreement does is identify the parties to the agreement. When it comes to disclosed limited agency, those parties are the agent, the principal and the agent’s principal broker. You can think of disclosed limited agency as involving a triangle. Real estate agents conduct their activities on behalf of their principal broker. The listing or selling agent acts as the principal broker’s subagent to provide services to the company’s client. It is this triangular relationship that makes disclosed limited agency possible.

  • OregonRealtors.org more information

  • Important information for buyers of real property regarding covid-19 and its impact on real estate.

  • This advisory is designed to assist homebuyers in meeting their obligations as a purchaser of real property in Oregon. Common issues that arise in Oregon real property transactions are summarized in this Advisory.

  • Did you know that many homes built before 1978 have lead-based paint? Lead from paint, chips, and dust can pose serious health hazards. Read this brochure to learn more.

Step Two Documents

Here are the Step Two Documents that are require both party signatures. Other common documents are addendums (fixng an oopsy, extending a timeline, small adjustments) and escalation clauses (when you make an offer and mention that you can offer more if a competing offer is presented).

  • THIS AGREEMENT IS INTENDED TO BE A LEGAL AND BINDING CONTRACT. This document is filled out by a licensed Oregon Real Estate Agent/Broker or authorized person(s).

  • Buyers and Sellers should take extreme caution when wiring funds in real estate transactions. Cybercrime continues to have widespread impact on Oregonians, and the real estate industry is no exception. Scams are sophisticated and continually changing, which requires Buyers, Sellers, and industry partners to be on constant alert to identify and report questionable practices.

  • Summary. Seller and Buyer are advised upon Closing, a Federal law, known as the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 ("FIRPTA"), requires buyers to withhold a portion of a seller's proceeds if the real property is located within the United States and the seller is a "foreign person" who does not qualify for an exemption (the “Withholding Requirement”). A "foreign person" includes a nonresident alien 10 individual, foreign corporation that has not made an election under Section 897(i) of the Internal Revenue Code 11 to be treated as a domestic corporation, foreign partnership, foreign trust, or foreign estate but it does not include a resident alien individual.

  • This Addendum must be part of every Real Estate Sale Agreement for the sale of a home built prior to 1978. A copy of the completed Addendum may be treated as an original.

Septic Onsite Sewage System Addendum (typically for out-of-town purchases)

  • Definition of onsite sewage systems, notices, seller representations regarding onsite sewage system, onsite sewage system information provided by seller, professional inspections / tests / pumping / cleaning / requested by buyer, buyer's right to terminate transaction.

Private Well Addendum (typically for out-of-town purchases)

  • OREGON LAW: If this transaction includes a well that supplies domestic water to the Property, Oregon law requires Seller shall have the well tested for arsenic, nitrates and total coliform bacteria (ORS 448.271). For more information, see the Oregon.gov webpage titled “Domestic Well Testing and Real Estate Transactions”. Note: This only applies to wells made operational to supply groundwater for domestic purposes. Capped domestic wells on unimproved lots are not required to be tested.

Sample Documents

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