Who is Freddy Ruiz Jr

Hello, I'm a native to Salem Oregon, Licensed Real Estate Agent with BST Realty. I'm a huge fan of living in Salem, we're so close to all the great Oregon nature. I'm pretty available for home showings, you can always text message (or email) anytime no worries. I'm usually responding and doing business from 8am-8pm, but always working on something during the off time. Hit me up — Let's go look at homes and write offers!

Freddy Ruiz Jr

Email Signatures and Initials

99.99% of the time the Transaction Coordinator or myself will be emailing documents to you to sign via DocuSign. It's easier if everyone involved in the transaction has their own email for signing documents.

Does this house qualify for USDA?

Here's the link to check:

Is this house in a flood zone?

Check here with the FEMA website:
FEMA Flood Map Service Center

What's a pre-listing?

The listing is signed, but the property is not quite ready for market.

The Seller wants to promote their listing as "Coming Soon"

  • The listing is signed, but the property is not quite ready for market

  • The Seller wants to promote their listing as "Coming Soon"

  • Gives Broker and Sellers time for professional photos, de-clutter, misc repairs

  • Allow advertising efforts (custom website, video walk-through, social media) to begin

  • Days on Market (DOM) do not accrue while in PRE-status

  • There is no time limit in pre status

  • What is the seller accepted an offer during PRE?

    • the listing must be changed to ACTIVE, irreversible

SHould i be talking to loan person?

Why should I talk to a loan person first?

  • Home sellers don't want to waste time with a risk.

    • no loan, needs to get a loan, in the process of getting a loan— do not compare well to buyers who are ready - able - willing to purchase real property.

  • How much can you afford and what loan type?

    • not all homes will qualify for government-insured loans likes VA, FHA, USDA

  • Credit scores

    • if your credit score isn't 740, then a loan person can help increase that number

    • loan people all have advice and programs to work with credit scores or increase them

    • I consider them credit coaches

  • "I'm scared to dig up my credit and work history. It's kinda embarrassing."

    • They've seen it all, they're here to help, this is their job.

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