WISE Program

WISE (Women in Science & Engineering) Program

About the WISE Program

The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program introduces middle school girls from the North Shore and surrounding areas to professions that require a background in science, engineering and mathematics. WISE is run by the Collaborative Project for Professional Development (CPPD) based at Salem State University and the program is open to member schools.

Program Goals

  • Expose girls to the many opportunities available in the science, engineering and mathematics field to women
  • Increase girls’ interest in science, engineering and mathematics
  • Show the importance of their enrollment in math and science classes in high school and college.

WISE Conference Event

The WISE conference features over 20 hands-on workshops led by women scientists, engineers and mathematicians from local companies, government institutions and non-profit organizations. The women presenters represent a variety of careers from forensics to veterinary medicine.

Over 400 girls attend the WISE conference from Collaborative member schools. Each girl attends 3 of the 20+ available workshop sessions, where they are introduced to the profession of the workshop presenter.

The conference ends with a highly recognizable main speaker who leaves the girls excited and enthusiastic about math, science and technology careers.

Participate in WISE

Date: Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Register: Use the Form below to Pre-Register for WISE before January 6, 2017 NOTE: WISE is open to MEMBER SCHOOLS ONLY. To check to see if your school is a member visit our Membership page.

Questions: Contact jterlizzi@salemstate.edu