AP Practice Exams

AP Practice Exams

Available Exam Subjects:

The following exam subjects will be offered by the Salem State Collaborative on the dates as follows for the 2016-17 school year:

  • AP Biology – April 1st
  • AP Chemistry – April 1st
  • AP Calculus – April 8th
  • AP Statistics – April 8th

Registration Due by Friday, February 10th

  • $15/student for member schools, $20/student for non-member schools
  • Teachers must attend the session to assist with grading exams
  • Space is limited to 250 students

Registration Forms for 2017 Exams - DUE FEB 10th

Registration Forms:

Click to open and print the AP Practice Exam registration form for the session of your choice.

Session Overview

The sessions allow students to take the AP practice exam in an appropriate and timed atmosphere. Students will start the exam with the free-response questions, followed by the multiple-choice section. This is done to allow time for the instructors to grade the free-response questions while the multiple-choice section is being administered. Teachers will be given their students graded test material along with an item analysis of the multiple-choice section of their class.

Over the past ten years, the collaborative has helped thousands of students in their preparation for the AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Biology and AP Chemistry exams. The AP Practice exam is designed to give both students and teachers valuable information as they prepare for the exam.

Over a 5-hour period on a Saturday, one month prior to the actual exam, students will take the practice exam. Within two hours after their students complete the exam, teachers leave with a class item analysis, all of their students’ open response questions graded and a score for each student’s exam.

Participating teachers have informed us that their students have been able to add one point to the practice AP exam. They commented that the data collected at the AP Exam allowed them to focus on student weaknesses.