English Language Development

Sarah Sawyer

Welcome to Lower School English Language Development!

Teacher: Sarah Sawyer

Room Number: 102

Email Address: ssawyer@salemacademycs.org

The curriculum for our lower school English Language Development course is fluid and constantly changing to meet the needs of current students, please feel free to contact and check in with me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Quarter one we will explore the power of language and self identities. This is an important start to our school year as we get to know each other and develop structure and routine for the rest of the school year.

Quarter 2 topic is diversity! The first part of this quarter we will spend some time preparing for the ACCESS test January 30th. This is a very important assessment that will give us valuable information about how your child is acquiring the English Language. In addition we will read short stories and discuss our evolving understanding of diversity.

In Quarter 3 the theme is justice. We will be exploring what justice means while reading texts on traditional and non traditional heroes and opportunities to right unjust actions in our community. In addition they will write essays comparing and contrasting similarities and differences between major eastern religions, country cultures and attitudes towards fighting for justice.

For Quarter 4 we move to the topic of action; aligning with our REACH norms, we will look for service in the community and spread awareness for issues that students are passionate about.