Welcome to Grade 7 Science!

Teacher: Cami Hennekens


Room: 113

Tutoring: Tuesdays 4:10 - 5:00

Grade 7 Science

Systems and Cycles

Students in grade 7 focus on systems and cycles using their understanding of structures and functions, connections and relationships in systems, and flow of matter and energy developed in earlier grades. A focus on systems requires students to apply concepts and skills across disciplines, since most natural and designed systems and cycles are complex and interactive. They gain experience with plate tectonics, interactions of humans and Earth processes, organism systems to support and propagate life, ecosystem dynamics, motion and energy systems, and key technological systems used by society. Through grade 7, students begin a process of moving from a more concrete to an abstract perspective, since many of the systems and cycles studied are not directly observable or experienced. This also creates a foundation for exploring cause and effect relationships in more depth in grade 8.

Classroom Wish List:

Live Crickets (for Dr. J)

Glue Sticks


Pencils/Colored Pencils

Ferromagnetic Slime!




Electrostatics lab

STEM Challenge: Balloon Cars

The Mammoth Extinction GAme

Graphing Population Over Time

The Case of the missing Computer Chip

Scientific Inquiry