History: Early Civilizations

Welcome to 7th Grade History!

Instructor: Ms. Taylor Mathias

Email: tmathias@salemacademycs.org

Room Number: 115

Phone Number: 978-744-2105, ex. 115

Tutoring: Thursdays, 4:15pm - 5pm

Course Description:

We will explore the development of humans and their civilizations around the world, from before the Stone Ages to the Era of Exploration. We will work on academic reading and writing, as well as engaging class activities and projects, to help students master skills in a rigorous, constructive, enthusiastic environment.

Our units will focus on the following topics: Pre-History & Food Supply, Mesopotamia & Writing, Egypt & Art, the Israelites & Religion, India & Social Structure, China & Government, and the Americas & Technology.


The Stone Ages

Pre-History & Stable Food Supply


Mesopotamia & Writing


Egypt & Art

The Israelites

Israelites & Religion


India & Social Structure


China & Government

The Americas

Americas & Technology