Welcome to Pre IB and IB Physics at Salem High School. This course site is designed to give students and parents access to our class from anywhere on any device. Scroll down, or follow the links listed at the top of the page to navigate through the site. A calendar, coursework list, and many other resources are provided. Announcements will post periodically to remind students and parents of important upcoming dates and celebrate student achievement. Click the video link here if you would like to view a SITE WALK THROUGH

Pre IB Physics Update

We just finished our unit on linear motion. Please check PowerSchool for updated coursework grades and unit test grades. This week we will begin studying Newton's laws of motion. Check back for updates and photos of class activities. Students are excited about our up coming 2nd annual pumpkin drop held on the week of Halloween. Local vendors donate pumpkins for students to decorate and then toss off the media tower located at the upper track. This is a great way for students to relieve their frustrations in physics while learning about physics.

Pre IB Physics Graphing Matching Lab

Salem Physics just purchased six new cart dynamics systems to help study motion in real time. These state of the art setups designed by Vernier help students identify different types of motion modeled with a kinematics cart and a ultra sonic motion detector. Pictures show students answering question about motion graphs and setting up their own cart and track to create matching motion graphs for position and velocity.

IB Physics Raft Project

IB Physics students completed their group 4 project last month. Students are given a task to calculate the number of 2 liter bottles needed to float an average physics student. They then design a raft to test their calculations. This years group used a minimum number of 42 bottles, which they calculated would hold around 175 lbs. Shown below are some pictures of their build and testing day out at another IB teacher's land in Pilot, VA.

The Score Board is for the Pre IB class only. It is a year long point system which scores are kept for students to compete individually and as a class. Prizes are awarded for the highest score.

A complete list of assignments organized by unit. All assignments on the list are graded. Grades and due dates can be found in the Power School App.

Links to apps and web sites frequently used in the class.

Links to physics video lectures, demos, some problem solutions.


I highly encourage students and parents to email me with questions. If a situation arises in which email is not a viable form of communication, than a number for the school is listed below.

Email: jwinterer@salem.k12.va.us

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