Test 9 - Black Belt

Because our Recorder Lady did not make a recording for Black Belt - Ode to Joy, we found a different version. It is written a little different on line 3 and is an easier rhythm to follow. Especially since you follow the music on this video.

When using this video, you will come to a part titled "Test". During this section, the notes are highlighted as you play but you do not hear a recorder playing during this time. This is NOT your test. It is a practice test. You still submit a video as you did for all of your other tests.

Use the music below when you test instead of the Ode To Joy in your Recorder Karate packet. You may print it if you want a paper copy.

Once you have taken Test 9, relax and play the fun songs. In the spring of 2019, you may begin work on Recorder Karate 2!!! In the meanwhile, you can click Fun Songs, Advanced Recorder Study, or Recorder Choir Audition recorder videos to increase your playing ability. (Recorder Choir Audition will not be available until July 15th.)