Test 4 - Green Belt

New music terms, pitches and notes to learn in this song:

  • Paired eighth notes (which equal one beat)
  • New pitch, E
  • Counting - be sure to look at the chart to see how 4 beats can be divided.
  • Anacrusis - pick up note. The total count of beats in the first measure of the song and the last measure of the song equal 4 beats.
Green Belt #4 Helpful Hints.MOV

This is the first song to use a pitch and fingerings other than G, A, B. After you watch her tutorial and before you try to play on your own, watch the helpful hint I have for you on this video. It is a simple exercise to help you adapt to the new fingering of the pitch E. I hope this helps you to feel more confident.

Once you have taken Test 4, you may click the tab, Test 5 - Purple Belt