Dojo Credits

Music Class & Dojo Points

I do my best to encourage and motivate students through the use of Class Dojo. Every day as the students come to class, I select two students to stand in front of two riser sections. They have the task of selecting one student from each section that is sitting the quietest and most well behaved. The two I select and the two that each of them select will receive a Dojo point. If the whole class is sitting perfectly quiet as I enter the classroom, everyone receives a Dojo point. At the end of the class, everyone who participated receives a Dojo point for Participation.

If I catch a student being very helpful to another student, if they work well as a team in stations or any other positive "above & beyond" behaviors, I will give them a Dojo point or points!!!


Students can earn 5 Dojo points anytime they attend a musically related event such as middle school/high school concerts (band, choir, orchestra), the San Angelo Symphony or any Performing Arts Center event. All they have to do is bring me a program from the event with their name on it. ALSO, students that participate in the concert will receive 5 Dojo points and an "E" on their report card when their grade level has a concert.

Losing a Dojo Point

Most of the time before I ever take away a Dojo point, I will have given them a verbal "1" and a verbal "2" . When I take away a Dojo point, I will write a note about what occurred on their story line that is visible only to the parents, the classroom teacher, the coach, the principal and myself. Writing these notes serves as a good form of documentation for parents to track the behaviors of their children. I do like writing notes about students who are making great strides in behavior improvement as well as bragging on them when they do well.

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