Other Classroom Tools

To Earn a Badge:

1. If needed, watch the online tutorial, attend a PD in your PJ's webinar, or participate in a face to face training.

2. Click the Request a Badge link on the drop-down menu under Badges on the toolbar, fill out & submit the form.

SMART Board is an interactive board that gives teachers access to their desktop from the board instead of their desk. It also works well with interactive websites to keep students in engaged in their learning.

Online Resource

SMART Notebook helps teachers create their own interactive elements using the SMART Board. Create matching games, sequencing activities or just use the pen to take notes on a blank page. Save the notebooks to use over and over again.

Online Tutorial

Mimio Teach attaches to a whiteboard to make your classroom lessons come to life with ability to add an interactive element using the mimio software, websites, other electronic resources.

Online Tutorial