Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Spanish class! For our new families, my name is Rosa Barrientos, and this is my 18th year teaching Spanish at St. Elizabeth. I am excited to see our returning students and very happy for the opportunity to get to know our new students and their families. I am looking forward to a blissful and dynamic school year. My objective this year is to provide all of my students with an academically stimulating, yet enjoyable experience.

Work Expectations:

Pre-K and Kinder will learn with songs, repetition and recognition.

1st-8th – Each student will have a workbook to bring to class daily along with a folder with paper, pencil or pen, and planner. Students will be responsible to take notes and be organized in order to study for tests and quizzes. I highly encourage students to study daily for 15 minutes every night the material that was covered in class and for their quizzes and tests. Grades will be weighted: 60% for Participation and Daily Assignments and 40% for test and projects.

Tests and Projects: Students will do one project which will be done in class and will be announced with plenty of notice. Any tests, projects, or papers will count twice. Students may make corrections on tests for half credit back for each correct answer. These will be done in after school tutoring with red ink. They will also have the option to re-take any tests with an unsatisfactory grade as long as it is taken care off in the same week that the test was handed back by the teacher. Tutoring will be M, T. Th from 3:30-400 in the cafeteria.

Behavior: Every student will begin the nine weeks with a G in conduct. It is up to them if they go above and beyond to receive an E. This means I have seen excellent participation, attitude, teamwork and cooperation in their learning. If other behaviors inhibit learning or positive attitudes in my class then the student will receive an S, N or U instead of the G. Parents will be notified of behaviors which affect conduct grades.

Late Work: Students are responsible to complete assignments when they are absent. They will have a week to turn in assignments or make up a test or quiz. After the week –minus 10 points for one day late, -20 points for 2 days late.

In terms of communication, e-mail is the best way to communicate with me; however, my focus during the school day is on the students. I will scan my e-mail during my planning period and will respond as soon as I can.

I am looking forward to a fascinating year! Thank you in advance for your support.


Mrs. Barrientos,

Spanish PreK--8th