St. Elizabeth

PreK - A

Susan Molloy

Welcome to PreK - A, and welcome to our 2018 - 2019 PreK Google site. On this site, I will keep you updated on weekly objectives and information. I will also post pictures of our students for you to get a glimpse of our daily PreK activities and fun.

At St. Elizabeth, our biggest goal is to teach to the "whole child." That means we will do more than learn our ABC's and 123's. Besides academics, your child's future success also depends on developing their social and emotional skills and beginning to develop their faith. Because we are 3 & 4 years old, my goal is to accomplish most of this through play. Play is extremely important to keep your child interested, motivated and engaged as they learn and have fun in PreK!

I look forward to getting to know you and your children and watch their amazing development throughout the school year as your children grow as learners.

Week 10/15 - 10/19

Last week we were visited by the Dallas Fire Department. It was a great way to learn about the important job they do as a community helper. This week the Perot Museum will visit us as we learn about Paleontologists and how exciting their job can be! Last weekend, my wonderful husband built a Halloween House in our room. The kids loved playing and sleeping in it. We also gather in it to read Halloween stories. We learned about letter "H" and numbers 3 & 4, started to learn how to spell, trace, build and write our names, did some fine motor work and started a new Halloween craft, making a spider webs.

Dressing into their full gear, they explained to the kids that they should not be afraid of a fire fighter dressed like this.

Showing off their fire truck....

and how far the hose can shoot water, which is pretty far!

After the fire fighters left, we all made them a card thanking them for their visit.

All the kids like working in their name folders and putting together their name puzzles.

So many ways to make learning our numbers fun, especially at Halloween time. They really enjoyed making Witch's Brew.

More Halloween fun working on fine motor skills and making spider webs.

While playing a matching game, the kids learned about the many community helpers and what they use to do their jobs.

Our Halloween House

This week's learning objectives:

  • Learning and practicing new prayers and learning about Baptism
  • Continue with letter "H" activities
  • Learning about syllables and how to identify how many in a word
  • Continue with numbers 3 & 4 and introducing 5
  • Community helpers - Paleontologists and working in a hair salon
  • All about Pumpkins - Their life cycle, identifying parts of a pumpkin, measuring, how are they alike/different and sensory activities


  • Annabelle Sanchez is our snack friend this week.
  • Please send in 2 bags of candy for our Halloween Carnival and please consider volunteering for 30 minutes in our PreK booth.
  • We will have our Halloween Parade the morning of Halloween, which is a Wednesday. The parade will begin at 8:15 in the morning and will last about 20 minutes or so. Please watch for the flier I will be sending home this week that give further details.

Thank you and have a blessed week.

Week 10/22-10/26

As we continue to learn about the different kinds of "Community Helpers", last week we all became paleontologists with a visit from the Perot Museum. Their "Dig Those Dinosaurs" program teaches the students how paleontologists discover fossils, especially dinosaur bones!

The kids were taught to gently brush away sand to reveal fossils.

The kids made their own dinosaur fossils and foot prints.

At this center, the kids had to match real fossils, rocks, shells and other sea creatures and coral to their picture. We learned it is sometimes difficult to tell what is a fossil and what is just a rock.

Here, the kids are creating pictures of fossils rubbing a crayon over stencils.

Last week we also learned all about pumpkins. We learned about the pumpkin life cycle, identifying parts of a pumpkin, measuring pumpkins and feeling the "gushy, yucky" pulp of a pumpkin. We ended with eating some delicious pumpkin pie. I had a couple students who did not want to try a bite, but with a little help of some added Cool Whip, they changed their minds.

More fun learning about community helpers....we all tried our hand at being a barber/hair stylist. After we all trimmed our model's hair, we added a little make up for our complete make over :)

The kids also enjoyed drawing Halloween pictures in their writing journals, fine motor practice picking bat/spider rings out of a web and having fun during free play.

This week's learning objectives:

  • Continue to practice the Hail Mary prayer, meaning of baptism
  • Letter "T" activities
  • Continue to practice identifying and writing our numbers
  • Learning about nocturnal animals
  • Learning about the job of a police officer, a visit from the Dallas Police Dept.
  • Fine motor activities
  • Learn/identify positional words (between, next to, over, beside etc.)


  • Sebastian Tate is our snack friend for the week.
  • If you haven't already, please send in your 2 bags of candy/little prizes for our Fall Carnival booth and parade.
  • Buck-A-Jean and snack sale will be this Thursday.
  • Save the dates to attend our Fall Carnival the night of Oct. 27 from 6:00-10:00 and our Halloween Parade the morning of Oct. 31, beginning at 8:15.
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held Thursday and Friday, Nov.1-2. Please sign up for your conference day and time. This will be the only formal Parent/Teacher Conference for PreK this school year.

Thank you and have a blessed week.

Week 10/29-11/1

It was so fun to see all of you at our Fall Carnival!! The kids looked great and I hope you all had a fun time.

It's almost Halloween, and we have had so much fun this month learning numbers, letters, pumpkins, nocturnal animals, practicing fine motor skills, positional words, reading Halloween books and dramatic play all with a Halloween theme! As sad as I am to see October end, you know I've got more fun activities planned for our wonderful students in November and December!

We started last week with a visit from Officer Daniel, a policeman with the Dallas Police Department. He spoke to our kids about his duties and explained some of his police equipment. We then took a little tour of his police car...the best part of course!

Practice, practice, practice identifying and writing our letters and numbers in so many fun ways!

As we ended our "All About Pumpkins" unit, we made our own pumpkin. Not only are the kids learning the parts of a pumpkin, but they are using fine motor skills to glue and place pumpkin seeds and then yarn representing the pulp of the pumpkin. A messy but fun way to practice.

We learned the word "nocturnal" and discussed the animals that sleep all day but become active at night. We focused on bats, read some stories about bats then made our own with a bat stencil and round paint sponges.

Helping to develop fine motor skills is teaching the kids to cross their mid-line. This means the kids must take their right hand and cross over their body to the left side. This can be difficult for some of our students. We played a fun game called "Pass the Eyeball." Students must use good self-control to hold a spoon level, cross mid-line and pass the rubber eyeball to their neighbor. Then we tried using more self control and walk with the eyeball in the spoon, passing it to a student across the room.

Free play time.

I love when they independently choose to pick up a book and retell a story....

or use their imaginations to sell different flavored drinks (depending on the color of bears in your cup)....

or choose a classic free time activity, coloring.

Everyone was happy to finally get outside and play!

Writing journals are an important part in building writing skills. Emergent writing is developmental. Learning to express feelings, thoughts and ideas through pictures then print. The only guidance I give them is a theme. This week, they chose 3 Halloween stickers and drew a picture around them. It's very exciting to see progress, some are starting to add print to their entries.

Laughing witch

This week's learning objectives:

  • Learning about Moses and our classroom Saint, St. Michael
  • STEM project - building a free standing gate using a variety of materials for our 5 little pumpkins to sit on
  • Continue practicing identifying numbers 1-10 and 11-20 and review of uppercase letters L, F, E, H and T
  • Continue learning positional words


  • Joey Alonzo is our snack friend for the week.
  • Our Halloween Parade will be this Wednesday morning, beginning at 8:15. Please have your child wear their Halloween costumes over their uniforms and pray we have no rain. If it is raining, the parade will be inside and I'm sorry but then there will not be enough room to accommodate all of the parents.
  • This is a short week. We have a half day Thursday and no school on Friday. On half days, pick up from school is at noon and there will be no lunch that day. Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on those days. Please sign up for a conference time, this will be our only formal conference for the year.
  • We are in need of new play dough to be made. It is a very easy recipe with few ingredients. Please email me if you could help us out and make new play dough for our class.
  • There will be no Halloween party, just some Halloween treats a couple of moms have volunteered to bring in on Wednesday.

Please email me with any questions or concerns. I hope to see you all during our conference time. Thank you and have a blessed week.

Week 11/5-11/9

Thank you all for coming in during our Parent/Teacher conferences. It was a pleasure getting to know some of you better and discussing your wonderful kids!

So here we are in November already, crazy how fast time flies! We have 2 full weeks of school, then Thanksgiving break (a full week) and then before you know it, Christmas, wow! For the month of November, we will reflect on all of our many blessings and give thanks. On November 15, we will have our Thanksgiving Feast during our lunch period. Parents are welcome to join us. I will be asking for either a food item or paper product for you to donate (food items are very kid friendly).

In what I hope will be a fun family project, you and your child will be disguising a turkey. Let your imagination go wild, use any items you have at home to disguise your turkey so he won't get eaten on Thanksgiving. This project will go along with a funny story I'll be reading to the kids about how a turkey attempts to disguise himself so he won't be Thanksgiving dinner. Your child will then share their turkeys with the class, describing what they used as a disguise. I will be sending home a letter this week with more details about both activities.

Lastly for the month of November, we will be learning about our 5 senses and discuss nutrition and what are healthy food choices that will help us grow in mind and body.

Last week's pictures of our continued practice of letter and number formation, identification and letter sound sorting.

I'm very happy and proud of all of the students with their progress in writing their first and last names, it's awesome!

Last week we also worked on a STEM lesson constructing a fence to hold our "5 Little Pumpkins." (actually it was 3) The kids used a variety of building materials that included large and smaller Legos, wooden blocks and waffle blocks. All 4 teams were successful! The biggest challenge for our students is learning to work together and share ideas. It's a process ;)

Lastly, everyone enjoyed participating in our Halloween Parade! The kids looked great and they really enjoyed seeing everyone's costumes.

This week's learning objectives:

  • Reviewing details of our classroom Saint, St. Michael and creating a shield/ reading more stories about Moses and what are blessings
  • Learn uppercase "I" with a variety of activities
  • Identifying #s 1-20 and writing #6
  • Reading Thanksgiving stories, making turkeys
  • Pouring and scooping with cranberries in our sensory table
  • Opening our restaurant in our Dramatic Play center


  • No snack friend for this week.
  • Please look in your child's blue folder for important information on how to disguise your turkey, when it is due back to school and the food item/paper product to bring in for our Thanksgiving Feast on Nov. 15 at 10:45.
  • Our Thanksgiving break will be the week of 11/19-11/23.

Have a blessed week.

Week 11/12-11/16

PreK-A has been busy preparing for our Thanksgiving lunch this Thursday. We've been making decorations in school and at home. Everyone did a fantastic job making disguises for your turkeys, I think turkeys are safe in PreK-A!! We also have been learning about healthy and unhealthy food choices to help our bodies and minds grow strong. Besides food, we also learned that exercise and rest are very important to keep us healthy. To help us learn how to make healthy food choices, we opened up our St. E restaurant. We've been cooking, taking orders and eating a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner with some sweets too. We also took time to discuss all of our blessings and shared what we are most thankful for.

Our little Saints at work........

....and play.

A classic fun game, Ker-Plunk!

Fun with shaving cream!! Making beautiful fall leaves and then just playing in it.

Fine motor practice snipping colored strips of paper then using the little squares to make colorful Indian Corn.

Welcome to St. E's restaurant!

Master chefs in training.

Thank you all again for helping your child create wonderful disguises for our turkeys!!

This week's learning objectives:

  • Reading bible stories, Joshua and the Battle of Jericho/David and Goliath and discussing their lessons
  • Learning letter "U" with various activities
  • Learning #7, continued practice identifying #s 1-20
  • Reviewing positional words (between, below, over, beside etc.)
  • Completing Thanksgiving decorations
  • Continue activities learning about healthy food choices with a focus on cranberries


  • No snack friend this week, still eating leftovers :)
  • Our Thanksgiving lunch will be this Thursday. You can start sending in your food items or paper products anytime. Our lunch will begin at 10:45, lasting 30 minutes. You are welcome to join us.
  • This is our last week of school, next week we will be on our Thanksgiving break (Nov. 19-23). We will come back to school on Monday, November 26.
  • St. E will be having a Christmas concert, right now I'm not sure of the date. I'll get that to you asap. Both PreK classes will be singing "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and "Santa Claus is coming to Town." We would like the classes to wear deer antlers for the concert. Please buy your child any kind of deer antlers. I'm sure they can be found at most Wal-Marts, Targets or even Dollar Stores. If you find some in bulk, or find a great price on them, please email me and I'll pass the information along.

We are entering into a busy time with planning parties and activities for the holidays. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me. Thank you and have a blessed week.