Welcome to St. Elizabeth's PreK classroom and welcome to our 2021- 2022 PreK Google site. On this site, I will keep you updated on weekly learning objectives and information. I will also post pictures of our students for you to get a glimpse of our daily learning activities and fun.

At St. Elizabeth, our biggest goal is to teach to the "whole child." That means we will do more than learn our ABC's and 123's. Besides academics, your child's future success also depends on developing their social and emotional skills and beginning to develop their faith. Because we are 3 & 4 years old, my goal is to accomplish most of this through play. Play is extremely important to keep your child interested, motivated and engaged as they learn and have fun in PreK!

I look forward to getting to know you and your child and watch their amazing development throughout the school year as your child grows as a learner.

Thank you,

Susan Molloy

2021 - 2022 PreK Family Tree

Pictures from our last week of school.

We did try to finish up some pages in their workbooks. I know there are a few more pages unfinished. As with the information and activities in their packets, when the kids are bored, it's raining etc., maybe help them with some review work. Teachers try to minimize the "summer slide", doing a little bit of review work will help them that much more when school starts in Aug.

For our last week of school, I asked them what was their favorite dramatic play theme. Overwhelmingly they wanted to play in the veterinarians office. So, the kids took turns being the doctor, receptionist and bringing in patients. The doctors cured everything from broken bones, upset tummies and our unicorn even lost her magic. I'm happy to report, all animals were cured!! :)

Sign in please and tell me what's wrong with your pet.

We had a lot of sick animals!!

When we left school last Friday (May 13), the kids were a bit disappointed that we had not one sprout from our green bean seeds. We were all very surprised Monday when not only did we have sprouts, we had pretty tall sprouts!!

Final free play pictures

They went on a hunting trip, I forget what they were looking for, unicorns maybe??

They can not get enough of rainbow anything!!

Ana still practicing her craft!

BFF heart necklaces

The longest vacuum in the world ;)

We celebrated our last 2 summer birthday kids, Arlo and Elias. Happy early birthday boys!!

Our last class with Miss Emily, our music teacher.

And a HUGE thank you to Mrs. Sepulveda, (Miss Marcela) our volunteer who helped me out all year. She is amazing and we were so blessed to have her help this year!!

Getting ready for our big moment, graduating to Kindergarten, I couldn't be more proud!!

St. Elizabeth of Hungary 2022 graduating PreK 4 class (heart emoji)

Thank you for a fantastic year!! I hope you all have a fun, safe summer and I can't wait to see everyone in August!

Much love,

Susan Molloy