St. Elizabeth


Susan Molloy

Welcome to the 2017-2018 PreK school year.

Welcome to PreK 3 and 4 and welcome to our PreK Google site. On this site, I will keep you updated on weekly objectives and information. I will also post pictures of our students for you to get a glimpse of our PreK activities and fun.

Over the summer, I created new learning games and I attended a wonderful educational workshop where I was able to purchase fun, creative learning tools for our classroom. I am very excited to be working with your children and getting to know you and your families and I look forward to this school year watching your children grow as learners.

Thanks to all who came to our Open House last Sunday. It was great meeting new families and catching up with old friends! It was also wonderful having our new PreK 3s and 4s in our classroom exploring and checking out their new room. I hope you all were able to review your packets. I know it's a lot of information. Please email me with any questions or concerns.

This week's objectives are:

  • Getting to know each other, making new friends
  • Learning classroom rules and procedures
  • Learning how to make the sign of the cross, learning new prayers
  • Practicing name recognition
  • Working on fine motor activities
  • Having fun!!

Having fun and getting to know each other in PreK!

Everyone loves playing with the Moon Sand at the sensory table.

Playing house.

Checking out the firetruck.

Our students love the doll house....

....and our dinosaur collection.

Dress up play.

Keeping our room clean....a never ending job!!

Week 8/28 - 9/1

Another great week in PreK!! Very few tears now, all seem to be adjusting really well, I'm thrilled! As your children bring home art work or papers from school, please ask them questions about what they did. This is a great time to share part of their day with you and you can see and understand some of the things we are doing. One of our main objectives now is holding a crayon correctly. We are having the kids do many fine motor activities to strengthen and gain control of their fingers. Many of our kids are doing a great job holding a mini crayon to color or trace lines and shapes but we have a few who are struggling. Practicing at home would be great. I know many of our kids love doing "homework" like their older siblings, this can be their homework. We also have a few who are using both hands. That's ok, they're trying to figure out their dominate hand. With practice, it will come. Thanks for your help.

This week we will also begin our "Prayer Student of the Week". Whenever your child is our "snack friend" of the week, I encourage all the other students to think of and remember to pray for that student in their nightly prayers. It's a nice way to not only practice our prayers but to think of others, even if it's just to pray they have a good day.

This week's objectives:

  • Review the Creation Story and the "Golden Rule"
  • Continue reading stories for comprehension
  • Fine motor practice with geo boards, Q-Tip painting, Gator Grippers
  • Learning how to trace straight and curvy lines for letter formation
  • Continuing to review shapes and colors through graphing, scavenger hunt, categorizing and matching
  • Continue name and letter recognition


  • This week's "snack friend" and "Prayer Student of the Week" is Emma Viera.
  • Please continue to review and teach your child bathroom procedures. We are having a few accidents and Miss Virginia and I are not supposed to touch your child, they are supposed to be independent when using the bathroom.
  • Please make sure you have a change of clothes in their backpacks.
  • Please return blue folders to your child's backpack. Something usually goes home daily and we need it to be in your child's bag.
  • It's a couple months away but please "save the date" for Saturday, October 28. This will be the school's Halloween Carnival. It's a very fun night for the kids and we will need parent volunteers for 30 minute shifts to work in our PreK booth.
  • This Friday, Sept. 1 will be a half day with school dismissing at noon. No school Monday, Sept. 4 in observance of the Labor Day holiday.

Please email me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you and have a blessed week!

Week 9/5 - 9/8

Happy Labor Day!! So nice to have a long weekend and short work week :) I hope you all had a good weekend.

Our theme for the month of September will be "Self and Family". We will read about and discuss how we are all alike and different, talk about feelings/emotions and learn about families. We will be making a "Preschool Family Tree" in our classroom. Please send in pictures of your families so we can hang them on our tree. Last year the kids loved talking about their families and looking at all the other families of their fellow classmates. We also will be learning about Fall and be doing many activities with apples. This week we will begin our "Letter of the Week", which is "L". So many fun activities planned, I love this time of year!!

This week's objectives:

  • God made me and my family, discussion of many types of families (Holy family, our preschool family)
  • Learning about letter "L"
  • Continuing colors and shapes activities
  • Continuing fine motor activities
  • Learning concept terms "in, out, in front, behind"


  • There will be no "snack friend" this week. Thank you to Sofia and Emma's parents who supplied us with enough snacks to carry us over into this week.
  • Please start sending in family photos that we will be displaying on our PreK Family Tree. Let us know if you need it back.
  • Don't forget to send in beach towels or blankets for rest time.

Thank you and have a blessed week.

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Lesson

Every month, we will be doing a STEM lesson. This week, we built aluminum boats. The challenge was first building a boat, then testing them to see if they float. If they floated, which some did not, we added weight (coins) to see whose boat could hold the most weight. This lesson was very challenging for most. I only showed them a boat I made for an example. We could not help them create their boat, just guide them. In the end, only 2 boats stayed afloat.

Daily Centers

Everyday, we practice different activities at 4 different centers. We have a sensory table where we may play with Kinetic Sand, brightly colored chick peas or rice. Here, the girls are playing with water.

At this center, Miss Virginia is helping the boys learn how to hold scissors and snip plastic straws. It's messy, but the kids love it!

With the help of our volunteer senior from Bishop-Dunn, the girls are creating and completing patterns.

Week 9/18 - 9/22

Thank you for sending in your family pictures. The kids have enjoyed sharing their pictures and looking at all of our families on our PreK Family Tree. If you have a minute sometime, stop by and check it out. They will love showing it to you!

This week's objectives:

  • Review the Holy Family, how do families show love, discuss how families are the same and different
  • Who is the "Holy Ghost" or "Holy Spirit"?
  • Review the who, when, where about prayer and make rosaries
  • Complete letter "F" activities, introduce letter "E"
  • Learn about the different types of emotions
  • Continue practicing and improving our fine motor skills painting with Q-Tips, stringing beads on pipe cleaners, drawing shapes and letters in shaving cream and working with play dough
  • Begin our "All About Apples" unit


  • Our snack friend this week is Eiza Gandarilla. She will also be our prayer student of the week so please say a little prayer for Eiza during nightly prayers.
  • If you were planning on attending "A Charlie Brown Christmas" with us, money was due last week. The price for students is $15, that covers ticket and transportation costs. The adult fee is $9.50. Please send in your money in the next day or 2 if you'd like to join us.
  • Please remember to send in a clean blanket or towel every Monday for our rest time.

Thank you and have a blessed week.

Week 9/25 - 9/29

Thank you for sending in your family pictures. Our PreK Family Tree looks great and the kids really enjoy looking at all the families. They are so proud!

Our first pajama party was a success! They all looked so cute and had fun checking out everyone's pjs. When we stopped the videos and asked them to stay on their mats for just a few minutes while Miss Virginia and I cleaned up a bit, most fell asleep.

This upcoming week will be a lot of fun!! We will be learning all about apples. We will learn how apples grow, discuss the varieties and colors, taste test them, taste different apple products, do experiments with them, examine them and learn the parts of apples and bake apple crescents....which are delicious!!

This week's objectives:

  • Read and learn about God's promise and Noah's Ark
  • Read and learn all about apples
  • Continue with letter "E" activities, begin letter "H"
  • Continue practicing fine motor skills snipping with scissors, play dough, geo boards, copying patterns with glass beads, tracing in glitter sand
  • Review spatial concept terms (behind, in front, next to, between, top, bottom, middle, over, under)
  • Begin identifying and counting numbers 1-5


  • Our snack friend this week will be Annabelle Sanchez. She is also our prayer student of the week so please remember to keep her in your child's daily/nightly prayers. I hope you are finding the rosary the kids made helpful in saying their prayers.
  • Please remember to send back your child's blanket/towel for rest time.
  • Please try and sell your Halloween Carnival raffle tickets and return the money to school. If you sell them all, you can get more to sell if you'd like. This is a big fund raiser for the school. Our carnival will be held on Saturday, October 28.
  • Thursday, 9/28 will be the snack sale and Buck-A-Jean day.

Please email me with any questions or concerns. Thank you and have a blessed week.

Week 10/2 - 10/6

Last week was a fun week learning all about apples. We taste tested apples and different apple products, examined and identified the parts of an apple, did experiments with apples, made an art project with apples, created a graph showing the most popular tasting apple as voted by our students (the Red Delicious) and baked with apples. I hope they shared some of these lessons with you.

So now we're into a new month, with more fun things to learn and do. Not only will we be creating fun Halloween decorations, but October is "Community Helpers" month where we will discuss many careers/jobs people in our community do. We are very excited to have the Perot Museum come visit us this week with a "Dino Dig" experience. We will also be visited by the Dallas Police Department and Fire and Rescue.

Our delicious Apple Crescents!

This week's objectives:

  • Learn more about the rosary and begin to learn The Hail Mary prayer
  • Learn about Community Helpers, beginning this week with Paleontologists
  • Continue with fine motor activities
  • Continue with letter "H" activities, begin letter "I"
  • Identifying and writing numbers 1-5


  • There will be no "snack friend" this week because we still have snacks to eat up from our generous snack friend parents :)
  • For our girls, please make sure they are wearing some kind of shorts under their uniforms. We're on the carpet often and they need to wear shorts.
  • Remember to turn in raffle ticket money and any box tops
  • Save the date, the Halloween Carnival will be held on Saturday, October 28 from 6-10. It's a great event for you and your children.
  • The Veterans Day Breakfast will be held on November 7th. Please let me know if there is a veteran in your family that would like to attend the breakfast with their student.

One of the ways our students are practicing identifying letters in their name.

Our kids enjoying a cool treat after our Hike for Life on Friday.

Week 10/9 - 10/13

Last week we learned what a Paleontologist is and got to experience some of what they do when the Perot Museum came out and helped us learn about dinosaurs. The kids enjoyed gently brushing away sand to find fossils, making dinosaur prints in play dough, examining fossils, putting together clues (puzzles) to create a dinosaur and do crayon rubbings to expose dinosaur bones. They loved it!! Thank you to Mrs. Garza who came to our classroom to help out.

Strengthening and building coordination in fine motor skills is very important to aid in correct pencil grip for learning to write. Here, the girls are stacking beads for fine motor practice. We also practice writing letters, numbers and making shapes in shaving cream, which is always fun! I then add food coloring for them to swirl around and mix to make new colors. They discover red mixed with yellow makes orange or yellow mixed with blue makes green.

This week's objectives:

  • Discussing "Inside Our Church", learning about the Baptismal Fountain, altar, chalice, Holy water, hymnal then visiting our church and learning church etiquette for when we start going to mass.
  • Reading and learning more about all the community helpers in our community. Also, the Dallas Police Department and Dallas Fire and Rescue will visit our classroom to learn about police work, their equipment, fire safety and check out their police vehicle and fire truck.
  • Continue with letter "I" activities, begin letter "T"
  • Counting and identifying numbers 1-5 and finger plays, counting one to one correspondence
  • Making Halloween slime and mummies :)


  • This week, Brooklyn Boyne will be our snack friend. Please remember her in your child's prayers.
  • Please remember to turn in any Halloween Carnival raffle ticket money. We appreciate your efforts in selling tickets which raises money for our school.
  • Please try to check and empty your child's blue folders daily.
  • PreK will be participating in the school's Halloween Parade which will be held the morning of Halloween, Tuesday, Oct. 31. Your child will come to school with their costumes on as the parade will begin around 8:15 in the morning. You are invited to come and take pictures as we parade around the school. I will be sending home a letter soon explaining in more detail.

Thank you and have a blessed week.

Last week we continued to learn about Community Helpers. We had Community Helpers from the Dallas Police Department and Dallas Fire and Rescue visit our classroom to discuss their jobs, give safety tips and show our students some of their equipment.

We also continued with letter "I" activities which included an Ice Cream Shop in our dramatic play area. The students really enjoyed taking orders, serving up those orders and eating "ice cream".

Week 10/16 - 10/19

This week is all about pumpkins!! I have a lot of fun learning activities planned for this week which will probably flow into next week as this is a 4 day week for us. No school on Friday.

This week's objectives:

  • Continue to learn about our church which includes a tour and learning proper church behavior, practicing the Hail Mary prayer and reading Bible stories
  • All about pumpkins - learning the life cycle and parts of a pumpkin, reading stories about pumpkins, tasting pumpkin products and experiments with pumpkins
  • Letter "T" activities
  • Identifying numbers 1-5 and counting manipulatives
  • Continue with fine motor activities and scissor practice
  • Continue with Community Helpers, we will have a dentist and children's author visit our classroom


  • Sebastian Tate is our snack friend for this week. Please remember him in your child's prayers.
  • When it's your turn for snack week, you can bring in all the snacks and drinks for the week on Monday if that makes it easier for you.
  • This is a 4 day school week with no school on Friday.
  • Please remember to sign up for parent-teacher conferences which will be held on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 9 & 10.
  • If you are on Facebook or Instagram, please "like" St. Elizabeth's Facebook page and join our Instagram account. Both are good sources for information, updates and school pictures.

Thank you and have a blessed week.

Week 10/23 - 10/27

Last week, we had more community helpers visit our class. Bearcreek Family Dental came to teach our students about proper dental care and we had an author who read us the book she wrote about her family farm, while counting to 10.

"1-2-3 Farmer Pete Fills The Truck" is a very cute story showing the different produce farmers grow and then take to market all while counting to 10. Rose Schaner is the author, she is from California. Her book also explains how she and her 7 other siblings work together on their farm. If you are interested in buying her book, I have order forms. The price of the book is $10. Please let me know and I'll send home the order form.

We finished our week of "All About Pumpkins". Besides learning the pumpkin life cycle, exploring the parts of the pumpkin and eating pumpkin pie, we pounded golf tees into them then used them to create shapes and letters with rubber bands and then watched the reaction when vinegar is poured on baking soda and dish the kids said, "it's throwing up."

This week's objectives:

  • Baptism and it's meaning, Bible stories about Moses
  • Continue learning about community helpers
  • Continue identifying and one on one correspondence counting for numbers 1-5
  • Introduce letter "U"
  • STEM lesson, counting and making pumpkin towers with candy pumpkins and play dough
  • Making Halloween mummy votive candles and mini mummies
  • Reading Halloween stories


  • Joey Alanzo is our snack friend for the week. Please include him in your child's nightly prayers.
  • We still need a few more volunteers for our PreK booth for the Halloween Carnival. Please consider donating 30 minutes or an hour of your time.
  • The Halloween Carnival will be this coming Saturday, Oct. 28 from 6-10. Your child is encouraged to wear their costumes, hope to see you all there.
  • This week the school is celebrating "Red Ribbon Week", promoting saying no to drugs. Everyday is a different theme:

- Monday - Wear bright colored shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes (I'm Too Bright for Drugs)

- Tuesday - Wear college shirts. St. E shirts, jeans and tennis shoes (My Future is Bright, No Drugs in Sight)

- Wednesday - Wear red shirts, jeans and tennis shoes (Don't Let Drugs Twist Your Mind)

- Thursday - Crazy hair day, no color (Wild About Being Drug Free)

- Friday - School uniform (Drug Free-Plant the Promise - PreK will be planting seeds)

Thank you and have a blessed week.

Week 10/30-11/3

It's just amazing how quickly this school year is flying by. We're already into November at the end of this week! They say "Time flies when you're having fun.", I guess this is why. Another fun and busy week in PreK.....

STEM lesson building pumpkin towers.....

Concluding our "Community Helpers" month, Father Russ stopped by to explain some of his duties as a priest......

Cute little unicorn......

Crazy hair and crazy boys.......

Crazy Hair Day

Donut and Dr. Suess hair........

Some serious building during free play time....

The kids really enjoyed creating their Halloween mummy candles. I hope they all arrived home safely.

This week's objectives:

  • Continue learning about Moses through bible stories and learning about saints
  • Introducing letter "C" activities
  • Continue identifying, writing and counting numbers 1-5
  • Begin learning about "My 5 Senses"
  • Continue with fine motor activities
  • Surviving Halloween :)


  • Our "snack friend" this week will be Tommy Bullitt, please remember him in your child's nightly prayers.
  • Our Halloween Parade will be this Tuesday, beginning at 8:15. Please join us outside between the church and school where we will be parading with Kinder and grades 1-3. Your child can wear their costume to school. After the parade, we will change them into their school uniforms.
  • Please remember to send in a clean blanket or towel for your child's rest time.
  • Before our Thanksgiving break, we will have our own Thanksgiving feast with Kindergarten. More information will be coming soon about dates, time and what you can contribute. Please think about helping out for this feast as we will need help setting the table and serving.
  • Please remember to look in your child's blue folders daily for any school or classroom news or information.

Thank you and have a blessed week. (Happy Halloween too!)

Week 11/6-11/10

I hope many of you were able to come to school for our Halloween Parade. It's a hectic morning and for the students who have never participated, it's strange for them to toss candy to the big kids sitting along the parade route. I know many were suspicious of why are we throwing OUR candy away, that's not how it works!! I had to reassure them that we had more candy for us in our room, too funny! Thank you Devan Cantu (Ariel's mom) for making up those awesome Halloween buckets for our kids.

This week's objectives:

  • Continue to listen to stories of the Old Testament of Moses/ Discuss the meaning of and giving examples of this month's virtue of "compassion"
  • This month's theme is "Giving and Sharing". We will be learning about Thanksgiving, thinking about what we are thankful for, preparing for our PreK feast and listening to stories about these topics.
  • Continue learning about the 5 senses
  • Introduce letter "O"
  • Continue identifying, writing, counting numbers 1-5


  • This is a short week. Because of Parent-Teacher Conferences, Thursday, Nov. 9 is a half day with dismissal at 12:00. We will not be having lunch but we will be having a snack. No school Friday, Nov. 10.
  • There is no snack friend this week.
  • PreK and kindergarten will be having a Thanksgiving Feast on Friday, Nov. 17 at 11:00. Parents are invited to join us. This week, I will be sending home a letter asking for food items and non food items for you to send in for our feast. We are keeping it simple and kid friendly with food items such as ham roll ups, cheese sticks, fruit, yogurt etc.

Thank you and have a blessed week.

Week 11/13-11/17

Thank you for attending our Parent-Teacher Conferences. It was really nice talking with all of you, getting to know you a little better and discussing your amazing children. I love my job!!

This week we will be busy continuing to prepare for our Thanksgiving feast and continue with our theme of "sharing and caring" activities. I'm sorry I will not be in school Thursday or Friday. Miss Virginia will be my substitute, needless to say she knows the routine.

This week's objectives:

  • Continue with bible stories. Discuss things we are thankful for and how to show gratitude to God in our daily actions. (Reminder of the Golden Rule)
  • Listening to, recalling and retelling Thanksgiving and sharing stories
  • Begin letter "Q" activities
  • Work on Thanksgiving Feast crafts
  • 1-5 number activities, sorting and categorizing activities


  • Bella Flores is our snack friend this week, please remember her in your child's nightly prayers.
  • Our PreK/Kinder Thanksgiving Feast will be this Friday, Nov. 17 at 11:00, lasting about 30 minutes. Non-food items can be sent in anytime. Food items can be brought in Thursday or Friday morning. Please let me know if you are unable to bring in your assigned food or non-food items. This feast is for the students but parents are welcome to join us. The kids would love for you to participate.

I hope you all can attend our feast and celebrate with your children. Thank you to Devan Cantu, Jennifer Weston and Beth Bullitt who will be helping make sure our feast is a success. I'm so sorry to miss it but I'll be thinking of you all. Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones and friends.

Thank you and have a blessed week.

Week 11/27-12/1

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving, surrounded by family and friends. Our PreK Thanksgiving Feast was a success, thank you for donating food and nonfood items and thank you to the moms who helped set up and clean up. I know the day went much smoother because of your help!!

So, the whirlwind continues as Christmas is quickly approaching with much to do! But it's all good and fun. This is a very fun month for PreK as we will set up Santa's workshop, baking Christmas cookies, wrapping presents and coloring pictures for Santa. I think next week we will have a "Grinch Day" with fun activities and Grinchy foods to eat. We will also be practicing our songs for our Christmas concert on Dec. 12, making decorations for our room and presents for you! Don't forget, we also have a trip planned to see "A Charlie Brown Christmas" at the Dallas Children's Theater on Dec. 13. Not forgotten in all of the Christmas activity, we will be learning about Advent, which starts this week and the preparing for the birth of Jesus. We will be making Advent Wreaths to take home so you all can help celebrate the season too. So, a lot to complete before our Christmas break and hopefully we'll throw in some learning too ;)

This week's objectives:

  • Learn about Advent and preparing for Jesus' birth
  • Listening to and answering comprehension questions about sharing and caring, Christmas story books
  • Introduce letter "G" with activities
  • Continue with grouping and categorizing, explain why things are alike/different
  • Continue learning numbers 1-10, identify and counting one on one correspondence
  • Work on Christmas crafts, songs


  • Sofia Frahm is our snack friend this week, please also remember her in your child's nightly prayers.
  • We will be having a Christmas party the last day before our break which is December 20. It's a half day with a noon dismissal. We will have a Christmas type breakfast, followed by making gingerbread houses, playing some Christmas games and having a gift exchange. More details will be coming as this date gets closer but please save the date!
  • To help get your children in the Christmas spirit, and a nice reminder for them to be good, call 951-262-3062. This is Santa's phone number with a sweet message for the children, check it out.
  • Please go through your child's blue folders daily as important information will be sent home often.

Thank you and have a blessed week.

Week 12/4-12/8

Now that we are officially into December, PreK is in full Christmas mode! Our Santa's workshop is open for business where we will be working hard to complete Christmas projects and crafts and play too.

I guess he didn't like his cookie :(

Baking Christmas cookies in our kitchen.

Coloring pictures for Santa.

This week's objectives:

  • Review the meaning of Advent, complete our Advent wreaths and listen to stories of the birth of Jesus
  • Continue with letter "G" activities, introduce letter "S"
  • Continue identifying and counting numbers 1-10, identifying groups of items (which are the same/different and why)
  • We will have a "Grinch Day" (or 2), reading The Grinch, discussing it's lesson, Grinch crafts, Grinch snacks, Grinch science experiment and then watch the cartoon
  • Work on Christmas decorations, projects
  • Practice for our Christmas concert


  • There will be no snack friend this month. We still have leftover snacks to eat, I will provide some snacks and it's a short month.
  • Advent wreaths will hopefully come home Monday, Tuesday at the latest. I will be sending home a sheet explaining Advent and the meaning of it's candles on our wreath. We've discussed this in class but please review this with your child.
  • The school is having it's book fair this week. We will be shopping on Monday, making a list for each student of books or items they wish to buy. We will send this list home and you are welcome to come by school anytime, even after school if you'd like to buy some of the items.
  • Our Christmas concert will be Tuesday, December 12th. Students are to be at school, in our room by 6:30. We will walk over to the church around 6:45ish. Our performance will begin at 7:00. Your child should wear "Sunday best" clothes. We will be singing with the Kindergarten class as well. When our performance is over, we will walk back to our room where you may take your child home.
  • December 13th will be our field trip to the Dallas Children's Theater to watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas", beginning at 10:00.
  • Our Christmas party will be Wednesday, December 20th beginning at 8:30. We will start by eating breakfast, making gingerbread houses, playing games and having a gift exchange. We have plenty of Christmas plates and napkins but are asking for your help in providing food and drink items for our party. Please check your child's blue folder daily for more information about our party.

I think (hope) I have covered everything for now. As you can see, there are many things coming up. This is such a wonderful, fun time for the kids as it should be, Santa is coming!! My goal is to do everything I can for them to enjoy and have fun celebrating all that is the Christmas season. But we can not forget the reason for the season, the birth of Jesus. With so much going on, things to do, places to go, it's easy to minimize this. I think we will have a good balance of both in PreK.

Please email me with any questions or concerns. Thank you and have a blessed week.

Week 12/11-12/15

Last week was busy for our students. We had a couple special visitors, St. Nicholas and Father Russ. December 6 is St. Nicholas Day. Tradition has the students put one shoe outside our door and if they have been good, St. Nicholas will fill their shoes with candy. Happily, he made a stop at our room. Father Russ also stopped by to read two Christmas stories about the birth of Jesus and the meaning behind the candy cane.

The kids also had fun finding their own "Elf on a Shelf." When they found their elf, they had to use their positional words (behind, between, under, on top etc.) to tell me where their elf was hiding.

We also had two days of "Grinchy" activities and the important lesson that "Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps...means a little bit more."

Almost everyone enjoyed our Grinch snacks.

Some Santa elves in training.

This week's objectives:

  • Review our Advent candles and this week's meaning for "Peace", read bible stories about Mary and Joseph's journey before Jesus' birth
  • We are learning about Christmas traditions in Mexico with the help of Mrs. Barrientos (our Spanish teacher). We will reenact the "Posada" with kindergarten and end our celebration with our students taking a swipe at the pinata.
  • Continue with letter "S" activities
  • Continue identifying and counting numbers 1-10 and categorizing items that are the same/different and explain why
  • Making and wrapping Christmas presents and decorations
  • STEM lesson, students will work together in small groups to build a bridge over a river


  • No snack friend this week
  • Our Christmas concert is this Tuesday, Dec. 12th. Students are to be dropped off in our classroom at 6:30. We will walk them over to the church about 6:45. Our concert will begin at 7:00. Please have your children wear "Sunday best" clothes. After our performance, you may go home or stay and watch the rest of the upper grades perform.
  • This Wednesday we will be going on our field trip to the Dallas Children's Theater to watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Your child may wear "Sunday best" clothes that day. We will be leaving school around 9:00. If you are attending, please meet us there. The play begins at 10:00. We will eat lunch when we return to school.
  • Thursday, December 14th will be "Buck a Jean" and snack sale.
  • December 20th is our last day of school before our Christmas break and it is a half day with a noon dismissal. Our Christmas party is also that day, beginning at 8:30 with breakfast. I will email you with a reminder of what food item we are asking you to bring in.

I know there is so much going on this time of year, in school and at home. I hope I have covered everything. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me.

Thank you and have a blessed week.

Week 12/18-12/20

Last week PreK had a great time taking our first field trip to the Dallas Children's Theater to see "A Charlie Brown Christmas." They were excited to see the play AND ride the bus!! I was very proud of them, they were very well behaved on the bus and at the theater. Thank you to the parents who attended. There were about 400 students in the theater that day and it was great having the parents there to help.

We were very lucky to have front row seats.

On Friday, we took part in the celebration of "Posadas" with the Kindergarten class. This is a Christmas tradition in Latin countries re-enacting Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem and their search for a place to stay. Our Spanish teacher Mrs. Barrientos led us through it and we took turns playing the part of Mary and Joseph. When we finished, we went outside to take turns breaking open our pinata and eating candy. Everyone really enjoyed it.

This week's objectives:

  • Review our Advent wreath and the meaning of lighting the "Joy" candle/complete our lesson on the birth of Jesus
  • Reviewing letters and numbers we have covered so far this year
  • Making our manger Christmas ornaments
  • Reading Christmas stories


  • The last day of school will be Wednesday, Dec. 20th. We will be having our Christmas party, beginning at 8:30. When the party is over, you may take your child home. It is an early dismissal day, school ends at 12:00.
  • If you would like, you may start sending in gifts for our student gift exchange.
  • Our first day back to school will be on Wednesday, January 3rd.

I hope you all will be able to attend our Christmas party. If not, I wish you a very Merry Christmas surrounded by family and friends and a blessed New Year!

Week 1/3-1/5

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break. Like always, time goes by so fast but I am grateful for the 2 weeks of rest and relaxation. December is a tough act to follow, PreK had many fun learning activities throughout December but I think our students will enjoy January too. Our themes this month will be learning about the 4 seasons and weather, snowflakes and animals that hibernate, migrate or adapt during winter.

Tomorrow, we will be welcoming a new student to our class. Elena Reimbold is a new student to St. Elizabeth. Our PreK students have already met her as she and her mom visited our class before our break. I know our students will be very welcoming to Elena and help her learn the ropes of our class!!

Before our break, we completed our STEM activity for December. The challenge for the students was to build a bridge over a river. I was a bit skeptical about this activity, teachers can offer no help just guide them to think about ways they can achieve this challenge. But I was very pleasantly surprised as many of our teams of 2 built their bridge successfully.

Our 1st place team.

Our 2nd place team

Our 3rd place team

I was very proud of everyone! It is sometimes difficult for them to work as a team, but most did a great job.

Thank you to everyone who helped out with our Christmas party, especially Beth Bullitt who helped plan and purchase everything we needed. I think everyone had a good time. The gingerbread houses turned out really cute. We didn't get a chance to play any of our Christmas games because the kids were so excited and wanted to just open presents.

This week's objectives:

  • Begin to read and learn about stories in the new testament
  • Introduce letter "J"
  • Review numbers 1-10, begin to identify and follow patterns
  • Learn about the 4 seasons and weather
  • "All about snowflakes"


  • We will begin journal writing this month. Journal writing for PreK can be scribbling, practice writing their name, drawing pictures, really anything they want to do. Some days I may instruct them to draw a specific picture or practice writing their name, but most of the time it is unstructured time for them to be as creative as they want. Please buy your child a notebook, (lined paper is fine) and send it to school by next week.
  • We will also begin going to mass with the school on Friday mornings. This is mainly for the older students who will be moving up to kindergarten next year but there will be times when we will attend mass as a class.
  • No snack friend for this short week
  • Please continue to check your child's blue folders for important information and updates. The monthly calendar for January will be coming home soon.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me. I'm looking forward to seeing your kids and hearing all about their Christmas break, I missed them! Thank you and have a blessed week.

Week 1/8-1/12

Last week, we began to talk about our 4 seasons and snowflakes. We will continue learning about these topics this week and begin learning about animals that hibernate, migrate and adapt to the winter weather. A couple of our activities will be to make our own crystal snowflakes (very cool), and have a "Hibernation Party." The kids have filled up our pom pom jar with random acts of kindness, helping their peers and listening to their teachers so they have earned this party. We will have our party this Friday, Jan. 12. I will be making hot chocolate and providing donuts. The kids can bring in their pjs to wear and a stuffed animal that hibernates. Some animals that hibernate are bears, skunks, bees, snakes, groundhogs, squirrels, frogs, turtles and bats. If you don't have one of these stuffed animals, your child can bring in any stuffed animal they love, we'll just pretend! :)

Also on Friday, I'm going to ask you to help your child with a little homework assignment. We will be reading a story about snow and snowballs. Part of the story discusses how to make a snowman. As you know living here in TX, we rarely have an opportunity to make a snowman. Well, you and your child will have your chance next weekend. I will be sending home 3 white paper plates for you to create your own snowman. Be as creative as you would like. Use anything to make and decorate your snowman like paint, crayons, markers, fabric, buttons, pipe cleaners etc., you and your child decide. I would like them sent back to school the following Monday to share with the class. I hope you have fun building your snowman! Here are a few examples of what you could do:

This week's objectives:

  • Learn about Jesus' teachings/mission listening to New Testament Bible stories
  • Finish activities with letter "J", begin activities with letter "D"
  • Review what we have learned about snowflakes and make our own, review information about the 4 seasons, begin learning about animals that hibernate, migrate and adapt to the winter weather
  • Begin unit on patterns, recognize patterns, copy patterns and predict what comes next in patterns
  • White board practice writing letters, numbers and shapes


  • Noah Garza is our snack friend this week. He also is our prayer student, please remember Noah when your child says their nightly prayers.
  • Please send in a note book to be used as your child's journal. Any notebook will do. We will begin journal writing, coloring etc. this week.
  • Please send in a clean blanket or towel for your child's rest time.
  • We will be having our "Hibernating Party" on Friday. Please send in pajamas and a stuffed animal to hibernate. We will help your child change into their pajamas after lunch.
  • We will be attending mass every Friday morning at 8:00. Feel free to attend mass with your child if you'd like.

Fun on the playground with static electricity, ice and new friends

Lastly, I apologize if your child came home with our fake snow still on their clothes. This fake snow is pulverized styrofoam. It feels great and is so fun to play with but it is very difficult to brush off after the kids have played in it. We will still be playing with it this week, with our hibernating animals in their caves....sorry.

As always, please email me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you and have a blessed week.

Week 1/16-1/19

As I complete this latest update to our Google page, I'm sure we are all waiting to see what our weather will do in the next 24 hours. Will we get freezing rain, snow or both....or nothing? I'll be honest, growing up in Michigan we ALWAYS looked forward to no school because of the weather. As an adult, not so much. Whatever the weather, be safe and check your email for school updates.

We went to mass for the first time with our rising Kindergartners. I was really proud of them, it is difficult to sit still and not talk for almost an hour but they did a great job.

Last week the kids had fun making bird feeders out of toilet paper rolls, peanut butter and seed. This week, we will hang them in our school courtyard to hopefully feed many birds and squirrels. The kids are learning about the animals that do not hibernate or migrate and must adapt to the cold weather. We're helping them out a bit providing a tasty snack.

Of course the best day last week was Friday when we had our hibernation party. We watched "The Snowman", which if you haven't seen it, is a sweet story about a boy and his snowman and their adventures during the night. We then enjoyed hot chocolate with marshmallows and donut holes, followed by some free play time. Thank you for sending in pajamas and stuffed animals, it was a fun afternoon!

Hot chocolate and donut holes, a perfect winter snack before hibernating!

Some hibernating kids and their animals.

This Week's Objectives:

  • Continue with listening to New Testament bible stories and discuss the lessons of each
  • Letter "D" activities
  • Continue identifying, predicting and completing patterns
  • Activities explaining how animals adapt to the winter months
  • Continue practicing fine motor activities


  • Our snack friend this week is Benjamin Ibarra, please remember Benjamin in your child's nightly prayers.
  • Don't forget to send in blankets or beach towels for rest time.
  • I hope you all have had a chance to build your snow person. Please send them in whenever we go back to school for your child to share with our class.
  • If you are an early planner, we will be having a mini Valentine party. We will be exchanging Valentine cards and I'll bring in Valentine cupcakes. We now have 14 students in our class.
  • Report cards will be sent home this Thursday, Jan. 18.

I think that is all for now. Stay warm and safe and have a blessed week.

Week 1/22-1/26

It's hard to believe that this Thursday, we will have been in school for 100 days! This will be a fun day because we will be counting out things to show our students what 100 looks like. We'll be counting out groups of 10 using Skittles, Fruit Loops, mini erasers, coins and other items to equal 100.

Thank you for your help in creating our PreK snow people, they were all amazing! The kids were very happy and proud to explain how they were made and really enjoyed seeing the differences in each of them. This was a great project.

Last week, we also hung up our bird feeders in our school courtyard. We're hoping they will feed many birds during the winter months.

We found a bird nest in this tree, so we know birds do visit our courtyard.

Some random pictures during play time.

Love when they play teacher :)

New chef in training.

No matter what they pretend to be, we're all family.

Our little bit of snow last week was enough to bring some inside for the kids to look at snowflakes up close...then watch it melt.

This week's objectives:

  • Learning about Jesus' disciples, miracles and the meaning of having faith
  • Review seasons, begin our unit on weather
  • Learn the letter "P"
  • Continue predicting and completing patterns
  • Celebrate "100 Days of School" (and we're 100 days smarter)


  • Emma Viera is this weeks snack friend, please remember her in your child's nightly prayers
  • Please send back your signed report card envelope. Keep the report card.
  • This Thursday will be "Buck-A-Jean" and snack sale
  • St. E has had a few kids come down with the flu. If your child is feeling ill or has a fever, please keep them home. Your child must be fever free for at least 24 hours before they can return to school.

If you have any questions about your child's report card, please email me so we can discuss it. Thank you and have a blessed week.